Thursday, September 26, 2013

What Happened to Service???

I appreciate service ... and I pay well when I receive it, but it seems to be a thing of the past, just like me!  What happened to businesses providing service?? Hmmm I think I sound like Bad Nick.  Did I mention that my friends, with all good intentions, turned my sprinkler system up rather high while I was gone to be sure there were no brown spots in my lawn?  I definitely think I would opt for the brown spots over the overgrowth of bermuda grass I now have invading my flower beds.  It was so overwhelming that I decided to hire a gardner (with much younger strong MEN) to fix the problem.  So far I have called three ... and none have seen fit to even return my call.  Did I miss the spectacular fireworks display of money floating from the sky making everyone rich while I was gone??  No one seems to want work anymore, so my idea that we were pretty much in a depression must be completely WRONG!!!  Same goes for the tree trimmer and the horseshoer.  With no other options, I started on the task myself.  I finished two small areas, trimmed one tree and sprayed the driveway for weeds.

I ended up with so much brush that I had to quit.  My "green" can is already full to the brim with bad hay from yesterday's cleaning of the barn area!!   All of which means I get to look at the overgrowth until Sunday when the bins are emptied.  Where's the advil?????
In the meantime, although this isn't the best of pictures, my Showby horse is doing well.  I've actually been riding him every day for 10-20 minutes.  If he had shoes on, I'd be taking him out, getting him in even better shape ... but alas, the horseshoer must have won the lottery, since he hasn't called either.  I guess it's just too much trouble to drive here for only one horse, even though it ends up putting $100 in his pocket for 45 minutes work.  I'd work for $133 an hour!!  So what happened to SERVICE??
At this point, I'm tired, cranky, achy and could use a cigarette!!!  Not really, I don't smoke ... but 5 or 6 advil should help!!  Next up will be pruning the 5 foot high rose bushes I have along my back fence ... the ones that the landscaper assured me were Carpet Roses and only grow 2 feet high!!  In the meantime, the spiders and ants will have to wait.  Don't worry, I'll get them in the end!!!

I don't think I showed an image of the wire sculpture I found in Seaside.  Hand made by a very young local artist there, I was stopped two times on my way to the car by people asking about it.  It's about 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  How smart was she to attach rocks ... like he was standing on them ... to keep it upright and balanced.  I brought back lots of cool treasures, but I think this is my favorite!!
Scratched by thorns and dirty from head to toe, I'm off to Tractor Supply for some "horse" things and the biggest saw I can find.  My neighbor's trees are hanging over breaking the fence, and he refuses to trim them.  Since the tree trimmer also won the lottery ... how amazing is THAT!!! ... I'm going to hack away in the hopes I kill the tree!!!  Then I won't have to worry about it any more!!!

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