Monday, September 16, 2013

Winter Has Arrived???

The drive from Seaside to Florence was a wet one.  We stopped in Tillamook for fuel at Fred Meyers (you can get around the pumps if there are no cars parked in front) to the tune of $3.86 per gallon.  At Newport, Patty and Dan headed inland for another windshield repair while I kept going South.  My drier needs some work, but Coach Care in Coburg said they were booked solid for the next two weeks.  I think they just didn't want to work on it.  I'm sure it's just the belt, but couldn't convince them to give me an appointment, which is why I'm continuing on to Florence.

I kept thinking as I got further south, the rain would quit so I could fly my new kite ... but no such luck!!  I woke up several times last night because of the downpours, sounding like someone pouring buckets of water on the roof!!  I guess winter has arrived on the coast!

I can't say enough about this Elks campground.  Even with all the rain, there's not a spot of mud anywhere.  I'm in an extra-long extra-wide pull-through with 50 amp service for $20.  My satellite dish works (Yay! TV)  and the Camp Hosts are very friendly and helpful.  The internet isn't the best, but it works.  My AT&T phone has No Service.

Here's some figures I caught up on last night ...

Total cost of fuel to date:     $4,259.79
Total gallons fuel:                     929
Average fuel cost:                $4.58/gal
Total miles traveled:                7,850
Average MPG:                         8.45
Toilet Paper 4-pak:                      3
Ice Cream Pints:                 Too Many!!
Coffee (Gen Foods Int'l)        15 cans
Dog Food (40# bags):               2.5
Quilt Material:              I don't want to know!!!
Alaska Trip:                     PRICELESS!!!

I'll catch up with Patty and Dan in a couple of days and we'll continue heading south to home in California.

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