Saturday, September 21, 2013

Last Night of an Epic Journey!!

 From these beautiful seaside views .....

 To this scene of four-lane traffic, we traveled from Eureka to Colusa today.  Another gorgeous sunny day in paradise with the threat of rain around the corner.

We passed through the quaint town of Willits ... home of the Willits to Eureka Train ride I took many years ago.  At that time, it took all day because the tracks were in such disrepair and the last car kept jumping the track.  I stayed at a bed and breakfast in Eureka, and returned the following day in pouring rain.  It took so long, that 5 miles out of Willits, the train stopped.  The Engineer had put in his 8 hours and wasn't allowed to run the train into town.  Two hours later, he got a special dispensation that allowed him to continue the remaining 5 miles to the station.  Apparently it was one of the last runs the train made before going out of business.
We left Hwy 101 and took 20 East around Clear Lake.  The road is sometimes narrow, many times rough and has curves that require 25-35mph speeds.  The trees have started to turn colors, making it a very nice drive.  I do have to admit I'd much rather go 55 mph on a straight road than a curvy one!!!
Arriving in Colusa, we stopped at the County Fairgrounds looking for a place to spend the night, to find them closed for the weekend.  Thankfully, someone in the building located a maintenance man, who directed us to a place to park.
For $20 we have a 50 amp hookup with water.  It's very quiet, except for the quilt show going on in the building next door!!!  Actually, they are setting up for a wedding, but you should have heard Dan when we said quilt!!!  Last night it rained for a couple of hours and today a downpour is expected with possible snow in the mountains.  Time for an early departure!!!
All good things must come to an end ... and unfortunately, that time has come for this epic journey of mine to Alaska.  Dan told me I would experience every kind of driving possible and would be an expert by the end of this trip.  I'm not sure about that, but it has been an experience of a lifetime that I would do again at the drop of a hat.   Thanks to these two great people, I now have the confidence to drive almost anywhere.  This morning I make the final leg home.  I'm sad to be leaving my friends who have become family and I'll probably starve since I won't have my personal chef.  The good news is that Patty and I will travel to Costa Rica in a month or so and of course we'll get together again in Indio and Quartzite.

Travel on friends!!!

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