Friday, September 13, 2013

The Big Hunt!!

After kite flying training yesterday from Nick ( Gypsy Journal RV Travel Newspaper) and his friend John,  I was hot-to-trot to get my own.  There was much discussion over which one to purchase ... the Prism Snapshot Speed Foil or the Revolution (basically a stunt kite).   With so many different types and sizes of kites, it's a difficult decision, all about exactly WHAT you want to do with the kite and what FEEL you want.  The Snapshots have much more pull and are more of a workout.  The Revolution involves more finesse and control.  I decided I should go with the easier-to-fly Snapshot 1.4 until I was more experienced.

Bright and early yesterday morning, I was ready to hit the first store in Seaside.  Trying to contain my excitement, I casually knocked on Patty and Dan's door.  Ten minutes later, we were off to the store, only to be disappointed that they don't carry Prisms.  THAT's when the big hunt began!!

By Smart Phone and computer, we scoured the lines of text looking for kite store phone numbers like Hawaii Five-O.  I called at least four that were disconnected.  Two I was able to leave messages for a return call.  The Kite Factory didn't carry the Prism either.  Nooooooo ... I'm beginning to panic!  There MUST be a store that carries them.  And then there was light ... yes, it was 40 miles away ... but Wind World Kites in Long Beach had exactly the two we were looking for.  Don't get the wrong idea here ... it's not just ME that's looking.  Nick converted Dan to kite-flying land too and he wanted the elusive 1.9.  This is a hobby that I never thought I would be interested in, let alone LOVE!!  By noon, we had them in our hot little hands.  Let's go fly guys!!!!!
But first ... FOOD!!  If at first you succeed in finding a great pastrami sandwich, try it again just to be sure.  This time Patty shared the huge meat-filled sandwich with me ... and we were happy campers!!
THEN it was time to fly.  I could hardly contain myself, giggling like a school girl.  Nick helped me set it up and gave me instructions on flying.  You need a fair amount of wind to fly kites, and we barely had a breeze, but no matter, we're going to give it a try.  I crashed and crashed ... Nick ran and ran ... I crashed some more and Terry ran ... until I finally got the feel of it in the light winds.  With the smaller surface area, my kite is much more reactive and Nick finally got it across to me that making slow small moves with my hands would stop this exercise program I had him on!!  I was having a blast until the tide came in, I backed up a little too far and got soaked.  It was time to pack her up!!  Dan flew the 1.9 some more, dive bombing us for all he was worth!!!  Then Nick flew for awhile ... what a great hobby!!  
Behind us several people came out with shovels and dug big holes in the sand.  We soon discovered they were anchoring these two huge kites that just hang on the breezes and look beautiful.
At the end of the day, we were tired and ready to call it quits.  As you can see, Nick and Dan almost got wet as the tide sneaks up behind them!!  It was a long hike to the parking lot ... another good reason to fly kites.  It's GREAT exercise walking across soft sand!!  
Tomorrow there is a kite show at the end of Seaside main street.  We plan on attending to see what we can learn about flying and maybe check out another kite ... the Revolution stunt kite, Terry's favorite.  

Although we were planning on leaving here tomorrow, we were able to extend our stay thanks to Charles Cupell, my Thousand Trails representative.  He has been ever so helpful and gone out of his way to accommodate us and he's VERY good looking, but alas, too young for me!!!

So will someone please tell me to go fly a kite!!!!!  Thank you ... I'd LOVE to!!!

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