Sunday, September 29, 2013

Service and Diet Updates ...

Out of the blue, the new Gardner I called to help clean up my jungle, showed up at my door last night.  I was getting worried about the lions and tigers that might be lurking!  As with most contractors, they're not good at initial customer service ... but once you can get their attention, they are very helpful.  We agreed my old gardner needs new blades on his mower, as my lawn has sections that look like the grand canyon!  Sal (who I discovered actually lives fairly close) will clean the flower beds, mow and fertilize the lawn, prune and shape the trees and clean out my back fence layered 12 inches deep with trash from the buzzard trees ... all for the same cost as the current gardner who only mows the lawn.  Now THAT's service!!  I just have to remind myself to be patient I suppose!!  Work will begin when I return from the FMCA meeting.

In the meantime, one of the problems with leaving my horse alone is sufficient water.  In the past, I've just let the hose drip a little, resulting in a nice lake at the base of the trough and a high electric bill for the well.  I just couldn't seem to get it adjusted correctly.  Having seen the automatic waterers at the boarding facility and knowing my horse will actually use them, I decided to give it a try.
Bolts are required for installation, but none are included????  Since my stalls are steel tube panels, I needed a sturdy piece of lumber, 14" x 18" to attach the unit to.  Off to Home Depot I trot, looking for help/service.  Unfortunately, help/service wasn't working this day!!  The only thing I could find to mount the waterer to was an 18" round table top ... it works for me!!!  I should have purchased some new drill bits ... mine are very old and dull ... but I got all the holes drilled, even if they are a little crooked.  I never said I was GOOD at this stuff, just that I can get it done and Showby doesn't care if it's not pretty!  
U-bolts attach it to the fence.   After dropping three of the tiny nuts in the water trough, I got it attached, when I discovered the long ends of the bolts would be sticking out too far and would be a hazard to the horse.  So I took everything apart, turned them around and reattached it to the fence rails.  MUCH better!!  All I need now is a different hose end and we're in business!!  It's not exactly pretty, but it works!!!!
While I had the drill out, I put up a couple more hangars for halters and bridles.  I don't mind doing this kind of work at all ... it's pretty fun actually ... just wish I could do a little more professional job.  Next up is the toilet repair!  Upon return from Alaska, one of the whatchamacallits won't shut off the water flow, but it will have to wait for another day.
I KNOW everyone wants a diet update ... boy is it hard to eat rabbit food when you are used to halibut and chips, giant bacon cheeseburgers and cookies!!!  I seem to eat when I get bored, which is often ... making my task even more difficult.  While visiting, one of my friends mentioned she was using "myfitnesspal".  I've heard several people say they are using this free app on their phone and how it has helped them loose 30 pounds and more!!   I had it on my phone, but it seemed to be too time consuming ... like I don't have time!  Really Nancy, you play games on your phone 30 minutes a day!!  She showed me how to use it as a planning tool for each meal AHEAD of time.  If you know you are having Panda Express for dinner, it will help you pick the least of evils, showing what your available balance is for the rest of the day ... allowing you to make better choices for breakfast and lunch.  So far it's working ... the ONLY diet method I've ever tried that even came close.  Wish me luck!!  
I'll spend today repacking the rig ... even though it's still not "unpacked" ... and will be heading South.  I'll also be getting the location of the Santa Maria Tri-Tip for purchase and transport to the Indio Rally in January.  Can't wait to see everyone again!!!

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