Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Battle Begins and Ends!!!

I'm sure there are good and bad things about every place you might choose to live when it comes to critters.  In Arizona, it's pack rats and scorpions.  At my house, it hornets or wasps and black widow spiders!!  At least that's what I THINK they are .. and they are prolific!!!  Luckily I don't have any problems "inside" the house, but venture outside and it's another story!  These two set up house above my front door.  Surprisingly, their neighbor was the largest daddy long legs I've ever seen!!  I usually head for the biggest hammer I can find to dispatch these little invaders.  Since these guys were about nine feet up, the chance of missing the swing and having one fall down my shirt while perched on a ladder, was a scary proposition that I was not willing to risk.  Enter my second best option ... wasp spray!!
This stuff is the BOMB!!!   It kills spiders, wasps and really, any insects, as well as does some nice damage to burglars and car jackers.  I carry a can in every vehicle and two in the RV.  It sprays up to 27 feet away!!!  PERFECT!!!  As you can see, it definitely worked on these guys.
Death in an instant!!!!!  I apologize for being so gruesome today, but really ... don't you feel good when you dispatch these guys???
Come to think of it, I spied a small wasp nest on the eaves ... and since I was in the destruction mood, I took a walk around the outside of the house.  As any great detective would, I found my targets in a flash ... five two-inch nests of them!!!  A quick spray, followed by a sprint to at least 30 feet away, led to more death and destruction.  
These wasps tend to hang in the grass where the puppies roam.  I have on several occasions, had to hold an ice pack on Jessie's foot to relieve the pain and swelling caused by a sting, so she's my biggest supporter when it comes to the elimination of these guys!
It's back to unpacking ... and packing up again.  Tomorrow I leave for an FMCA Indio Rally planning meeting in Hanford, meeting with Bill Hall, who is training me in his specialty ... the ICE CREAM social!!  I'll update you on everything Indio Rally in the next few days!!

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