Monday, September 2, 2013

Astoria's Sunday Market!!

Every Farmers Market is a little different.  In my home town, it's strictly veges!!  In Long Beach it was more about the music.  Ilwaco was artsy craftsy.  Astoria had it all and then some ... and to make it better, the beautiful sun came out for the market too!!
The Doggie Do list is strictly for the humans ... do stay home if you are grumpy, keep your owner on a short leash, don't tinkle on the vendors tents and don't steal food.  Gee, how's a doggie supposed to have a good time??
Kim is out of control, according to her sign, which I think is the case in many of these booths.  I've never seen so much "stuff" at a market before.  Maybe it's the gloomy foggy days and nights that keep them crafting!!  You definitely need a daytime job to afford all the yarn here!!  
There were hats, gloves, potholders, aprons, jewelry, adirondak chairs, birdhouses, essential oils ... you name it, it was for sale here at this market.  Here was an interesting guy making cigar box banjos ... and with the right sound system, they make amazing music!!  This is a first for me!!
We oohed and awwed over the flowers.  Not only were they beautiful, but the people working the booths assembled them into the most amazing bouquets EVER!!!  For a measly $10-15, I would have fresh flowers every weekend if I lived here.
The kitty collars (and the kitty) were a hit.  I wish the RV'ers across from me would see this.  They have two kittys on 20 foot long leads with just a collar cinched around their necks.
Unfortunately neither this guy nor his goggles were for sale, but he certainly was the main attraction at this booth selling pottery.  Like a movie star, he was enjoying the attention!!
I thought I caught a fleeting glimpse of Batman, but I must have been mistaken.  I can't imagine why Batman would be in Astoria at the market.
Just to prove Dan DOES shop too, I snapped his picture for all to see.  Actually, I'm pretty sure it had to do with the kitty collars and Miss Gracie!!
And then there were the vegetable stands ... many of them selling every kind of fruit imaginable.  I chose the salsa bundle ...  a mesh bag with everything you need to make salsa, including fresh limes and the recipe.  There were at least 6 different types of peppers ... good thing I tasted every one before including it in my batch.  Most were VERY hot, and by the time I was done, my mouth was on fire.  It said to leave out the cayenne pepper if you didn't like hot ... but I didn't know which one that was!!  It was edible in the end, but I'm sure not hot enough for Patty!!!  Great idea though, if you know anyone who sells veges!!
Every beauty I saw was well mannered and making sure their humans followed the rules.  For me, they are almost more of an attraction than the market place.  One of these days I'll get brave and take ONE of mine ... just for fun!!
One entire parking lot was food vendors ... and it smelled delicious!!  You could easily spend an entire day here chatting with the vendors, eating and having a good time.  I'm looking forward to returning some day.

On the way out, we passed this vendor .... join NRA and win a gun!!  People in Oregon and Washington aren't shy about wanting to keep their rights intact!!
My motto ... always come prepared!!  And since I had the Astoria quilt shop address in my pocket and it was only a couple blocks away, Dan was nice enough to chauffeur Patty and I to the front door and gave us 15 minutes .... we found him rocking out to some heavy metal in the car 40 minutes later.   Patty and I vowed to return today!!  

Since a Costco run was the next order of business, we ate a big lunch of pizza and salad before dropping over $200 (just for me) ... but at least it was a smaller purchase since I was stuffed.  You know, never go shopping on an empty stomach!!  

It's another gray drizzly day, but I'm good with that.  I'm in Washington, it's cool, green and beautiful!!!  

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