Sunday, September 22, 2013

Home Again ... Home Again !!

Bright and early, we said our goodbyes with hugs.  Knowing that I will see Patty in November and we will meet up again in Indio and Quartzite made it a little easier.  With a big storm coming in possibly bringing snow over the mountains, Dan and Patty needed to hit the road ... and fast!!  Once I was past the obstacle course of an exit from the fairgrounds, I turned south down I-5.  With the cruise control on and not too much traffic, I recounted the places we had been as I skirted the rain.
Along the way, harvesters were working overtime trying to beat the wet weather.  The corn above was being chopped for cattle feed ... the rice below probably ending up overseas.  I have to admit there were some beautiful scenes as I cruised along.  It reminded me how much food the central valley produces, and even though I don't particularly like living here, it does have it's moments!!
In Stockton I actually headed into blue skies.
And of course ... California highway construction.  This section in Stockton has been torn up for almost two years.  Because of the narrow lanes and concrete blocks, I stay in the middle lane.  I figure if anyone has the guts to pass me on the left, can have at it!!!  It's also has less bumps and holes!!!
Finally I pulled into the driveway around noon.  The dogs were ecstatic .. jumping on the couch and chairs, running around in the back yard like crazy!!  That made coming home a little easier to take until I went into shock about the state of the yard!!   My friends who kept telling me the grass was dead, turned up the sprinklers so much that weeds cover every inch of flowerbeds and are two feet high.  Oh my .... that sure put a damper on my day!  As of now, I have unloaded six loads from the RV (mostly the fridge) and filled one whole container of weeds.  Time to call a gardner!!!
I also discovered my mail is in la-la land.  According to the post office website, once your forwarding order has expired, mail will be delivered to your house again.  The order expired 8/23 ... but I have no mail in my mailbox.   No telling where it has gone for the last month.  

Now comes the hard part ... unloading all the "stuff" from the rig.  Pretty sure this will take a day or two!!  Good news though ... my pickup truck started right up after being parked for 5 months.  YAY!!!
Play time is over ... back to work unloading!!  I'm definitely NOT buying so much stuff any more!!!

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