Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Moment of Silence For Lives Lost

It's the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack on the U.S.  May we ever remain vigilant against those that wish us harm and remember those who lost their lives.

After much discussion, I purchased a Thousand Trails Zone Membership for $425 a year, then immediately upgraded to the Elite Membership for $3995.  My dues are frozen at $425 a year for life.  The benefits include 21 day stays, park to park, add-on 7 days twice a year with once during peak season (4 week stay), and the biggie ... unlimited stays for zero dollars at 80+ parks.  The key, of course, is using the membership.  Doing some calculations based on camping for only 50 days a year, I will break even about year four.  From then on, I could stay 365 days a year for $425.  I don't see myself becoming a full-timer, but you never know.  That's pretty cheap rent!!  The trip to the East Coast that I would never take .. just might become a possibility!!

Downtown Seaside, City of Salt, was our destination yesterday.  In 1806, part of Lewis and Clark's expedition set up a salt-making cairn at this site.  Over time, a city was born.
The name Seaside actually came from the summer house (named Seaside) of railroad magnate Ben Holladay.  Since then, it has become home to about 6500 lucky people.
The beach is definitely a big draw here.  It's huge ... so much room, you don't have to worry about that big guy kicking sand in your face!!  It's been sunny and gorgeous every day we've been here.
There is a Promenade or Prom running a mile and a half along the Necanicum River with several stores that would love to take your money.  As everywhere else, there were many going out of business.  Across from here is a small boat dock along with kayak and waterbike rentals.

By Chance (pun intended) we went in a side door looking for deep fried twinkies and discovered this carousel and several more great stores.  A sign hung on the side, said the carousel animals were taking a 5 minute nap and would awake shortly!!  Did I mention I thought there were free thinkers here???  
Well here's proof!!!  A kids book for making a mummy shrunken head!!  No joke here folks ... I may just go back and buy it!!  Truth be known, I'm guessing it's the old dried apple trick!!  So raise your hands ... how many would buy this for your grandkids???
That being totally of no interest to Dan, he made a beeline for The MAN Store ... I headed to Zinger's, but alas, they were closed.  I settled for a chocolate covered twinkie instead.
We caught a glimpse of Magnum P.I. star Tom Selleck racing around in his hot rod, but I couldn't catch up for an autograph.
Beside T-shirts and hats, the Man Store had this fishing bear ... are you SURE we're in the MAN Store??
Hey!!!   There's ELVIS!!!!!  In the Flashback Diner!!  I KNEW he was still alive and well ... ummm actually he looks a little pasty ... and I doubt the real thing would have a post-it note that said "Don't Touch".
After all that excitement, Dan's craving for a Tsunami Pastrami sandwich at the Tsunami Sandwich Company took control.  We both had the half pound sandwich, which was HUGE while Patty had Tillamook ice cream.  Yum Yum!!!  I definitely recommend the food here, a half block from the beach, it's easy to find.
Today we are going kite flying with Nick & Terry Russell followed by a barbecue in the afternoon.  I'm on salad duty, so I better get busy.  Tomorrow ... kite pictures!!!

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