Friday, September 20, 2013

We're Not In Oregon Any More Aunt Em!!

As a native Californian, I know how those border crossings are, so I cooked all the brussel sprouts and ate all the fruits and vegetables I had for breakfast!!  I wasn't about to hand them over at the Ag Inspection Station.  That done, we packed up and left The Mills Casino RV Park.

It was a lovely sunny Coos Bay morning as we drove South, passing through Bandon.  It seems the closer we get to home, the faster we go!!  After five months I think we are all eager to get started on our  to-do lists at home!!
Many years ago, Patty and Dan along with my then-husband and myself, took a short drive to Sturgis.  I think it was about a 2,000 mile journey.  At the California border, the guys decided to ride the motorcycles along Hwy 101.  Upon arrival in town, they were denied access at the Inn.  If you saw them, you wouldn't be the least bit surprised!!  At that time, Harley riders weren't thought of highly.  When Patty and I came along (in the car), we got the room with no problem.  It has always been a big joke between us ... and it was fun pointing out the hotel as we drove by!!!
Despite the beautiful sunny start, the fog began rolling in the further south we went.  At times, I couldn't even see the big motorhome in front of me!!  That's not such a good thing ... I can get lost in an RV park!!!   It was a beautiful drive, just rolling along between the redwoods and the rocky coast.
Just in case you weren't sure which direction the ocean was, these nice people painted directions on the street ... probably so the tourists would quit knocking on their doors ... lost!!!  
There were quite a few bridges being repaired and roadways sloughing off the side of the cliffs.  Just so you know, I DID make this light ... kind of ... okay, I ran the red!!  I just didn't want to sit for 15 minutes waiting for the next green.
As we passed through Gold Beach there was talk of the Jet Boat Ride upriver, but we've got blinders on and just kept trucking!!
At Pelican State Beach, we crossed into California as I rehearsed my speech over and over.  I've just been camping in Oregon.  I've just been camping in Oregon.  I was even trying to swat the fruit fly that was buzzing around my windshield.  Wait for it .............. they were closed!!!  That's a first ... I breathed a big sigh of relief and relaxed for the rest of the drive!!  The reason???  I have a few pieces of shells and driftwood stashed under the bed, well lots of driftwood really.  I figure after being in saltwater for who knows how long, all the bugs are dead, and it may be perfectly okay to bring them home ... least I hope so!!  

Through Crescent City and on to Eureka, we are definitely in California ... lots of traffic, screwy one way streets,  noise and speeding drivers.  Dan drove right to the Shoreline RV Park where we have 30 amp full hook-ups, pull through sites for $35 with a Good Sam discount.  
You can't miss the park, it's located directly next door to one of the biggest Harley stores I've seen.
As usual, after a hard day's drive, Dan is starving (I packed a lunch this time) so we headed off to check out the park-recommended Chinese restaurant.  Dan made a right hand turn and heard QUILT STORE!!!  He tried to pretend he couldn't hear and made a really quick left turn, almost throwing me out of the back seat, and roared off!!!  In the end however, he was outnumbered!!  Even though he pretended he didn't remember where it was, we found another amazing store full of beautiful fabrics.  Unfortunately for us, this one didn't have Guns and Ammo magazine.  The owner said she could pull some strings and get a spot at the local Cigar/Brandy store for him, but we acquiesced, staying only 10 minutes.  This store is definitely worth a return trip!!!

Although this is a very nice park, it is rather noisy at night, being right next to the freeway.  After a fitful sleep, today we head to Clear Lake.  It will be our last vacation day together as we split up ... Patty and Dan heading across towards Nevada and me driving down I-5 to home.  I've got mixed emotions ... I know my puppies will be thrilled to see their big back yard, but I'm really loving this lifestyle and don't want it to end!!

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