Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Two of Everything ...

I'm learning more and more!!  I got an email from Terry Russell who wondered why I went through all the trouble to unpack ... that I should just have two of everything.  One for the house and one for the RV.  I'm beginning to see the smart reasoning behind that philosophy since I left my camera cable home.  It was one of the things that I unpacked, along with the phone charger!!  I actually thought I was only unpacking the treasures ... but that doesn't seem to be the case.  It all means you'll have to wait for the few images I took here in Hanford.

From Fresno, it was a fairly short drive South, then West to the boondocks.  I arrived at the fairgrounds and got parked with no problems ... except for that electrical box full of hornets!!!  Luckily I'm quick and was able to dodge the barrage of flying stingers that came at my face!!  Hanford is a lovely little town with the fairgrounds situated between the train tracks and the dirt track racing speedway.  Being part of the Golden Spikes, you KNOW I love trains ... but around 1:30 am when the fifth one went through blowing his horn, I wasn't feeling like they were very special at all.  Another four came through after that.   Needless to say, I'm pretty bleery-eyed and groggy this morning!!

My instructor Bill Hall showed up early yesterday, as donuts were on the schedule at 7:30 a.m., and I told him I wanted to get there before they ran out.  Tom Westerfield showed up shortly after that, and they began introducing me to the "locals".  I met a lot of very nice people who were pleased as punch that someone was going to handle the ice cream!!  Turns out there's a little more involved than just calling for the ice cream, but no matter, I think we got it all taken care of between the Subway sandwiches for lunch and the thanksgiving turkey dinner we inhaled ... oh, and don't forget the peach cobbler with ice cream!!

Although I think they planned for some major "discussions", they didn't come about, and the meeting ended early.  I'm in the process of contacting Kurt Simon from the Golden Spike Group for directions regarding the Indio Rally gathering.  I assume it will be the same as last year ... meet in the parking lot on Sunday, drive en masse to the holding area and get parked in the same lot as before.   In order for this to happen however, I need a definite count of attendees, along with your FMCA member number by November 30th, so you can all be registered as happy volunteers!!  I get a golf cart (good for drag racing) and a badge, so I'm feeling pretty "official"!! 

They talked about the different groups getting involved in the parade theme ... but never told what the theme was.  If the group is really interested, let me know and I'll find out.  The other "different" activity will be a Pet Style Show ... bring your pets dressed in their best for a chance at trophies for "Longest Ears", "Shortest Tail", "Wettest Nose" ... you get the picture!!  Since Jesse Belle would just as soon rip up all their cute clothes, mine will opt out of the competition!!

Heading home this morning and will regale you with all three images in tomorrow's blog!!  

Happy Trails ............

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