Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It was a Scary Day!!

First on my list yesterday was a trip to the tire store.  Aren't they pretty???   $1158 worth of pretty, which was pretty scary when they asked for my credit card!!!  The original set of tires on my Chevy 3/4 ton truck lasted all of 35,000 miles, which I thought wasn't much at all.  In the old days ... I know, gas was 50 cents a gallon and you walked to school in snow, yada yada yada ... but tires USED to last 60,000 miles!!!  The second set ran $900 and I got 57,000 miles.  MUCH better.  Since the price has increased $258 I should get 72,000 miles ... right???  I know, not good logic.  Anyway, I feel much safer with good tires on my ride!!
I finished the front door decorations ...  I hope they remain until Halloween.  It's not that I live in a bad area ... the neighborhood is very nice with Sheriff and Police living very close ... it's the night crawlers that come around stealing stuff that I worry about!!  They better bring a BIG pair of side cutters though, because these things are wired on with many strands of stainless steel wire!!!
Spoiler Alert!!!  Here's a picture of part of my costume for Halloween.  Of COURSE I dress up!!  Don't you???  It's fun scaring the little kids!!!  Actually, I thought this might be a little too scary, so I showed it to my Elks friends, since I will be wearing it to their party also, to be sure I wouldn't make anyone cry.  People are funny about Halloween ... being a princess or a pumpkin is okay, but witches and vampires aren't acceptable.  My Friend ... EX-FRIEND now ... asked if this was me without makeup in the morning!!!
It was ELKS Bingo night and I'm back to cashiering.  A scary proposition to say the least.  I have to psych myself out for these sessions!  Bingo ladies are C R A B B Y and they are the best I know at fibbing!!  For one, it's gambling!!  I don't care what you call it ... it's throwing your money away (lots of money) for a chance to win $250.  I'm guessing the average sale is $50 ... and they are here once a week come hell or high water.  They come in with canes, crutches, wheelchairs and walkers with oxygen!!  If you are a new cashier or volunteer, they try to "run" you!!  "You didn't give me my change!"  "You didn't give me my ticket!"  "You didn't count HER cards!"  You didn't ... You didn't!!!!   It's funny that even though they KNOW I'm not going to let them get away with it, they try anyway!!!  If nothing else, it's a funny opportunity to watch the antics people will go through for a red ticket for a CHANCE at a drawing for 5 pull tabs ... most of which are worth $1.00.  Especially when they just spent $50 (most likely all of their food budget) for bingo!!  To make it even worse, they are allowed to use their EBT debit cards to purchase bingo cards.  Now THAT'S scary!!!  Who's in charge of the system that allows THAT kind of misuse of OUR tax dollars!!!  Okay ... (deep breath) I'm NOT going there!!!  That's just way too scary for me!!!

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