Sunday, October 27, 2013

Decisions ... Decisions ... !!!!

I LOVE being retired!!  I get to do whatever I want ... every single day of the week.  The problem with that is making all the decisions about what to do!!!  Sounds pretty silly, but working in the County Auditor Controllers office as Property Tax Manager (loved the job, hated the subject) I made snap decisions constantly, so it never was a problem.  Now I spend hours on the computer checking things out before making ANY decisions, at least as far as travel goes.

I'm looking at the alternatives for next summer.  Go back to Oregon/Washington (which I absolutely LOVED) .... go to Venice on a photography tour with a World Class Photographer for a week (living in a convent ... how interesting would THAT be) .... or heading back east with friends and checking out the East Coast.  Decisions ... decisions!!  The thing to do is figure out how to accomplish all three!!  Believe me, I'm working on that!!!

In the meantime, I've been cutting up some of that material Patty and I purchased on the Alaska trip.  I have to say, that unlike in the old days when materials were scarce and patterns reflected that ... today's pattern books call for much more material than is actually required for the quilt.  Me thinks the books are written by the shops selling the material.  With only two cut out, I'm sure I have enough leftovers for one more quilt!!
One of my favorite things to do is shown here!!  Cooper just turned 4 years old ... Happy Birthday Cooper!!!  Finally he has slowed down a little ... not much, but a little ... and likes to play lap dog in the evenings.  After throwing the ball continuously for 7 hours, it's a nice break for me too!!
Miss Regal Jack Russell, Jessie Belle ... has taken to sitting up high on the back of my recliner.  It's funny to see how their habits change after six months in the RV.  She too has become a snuggler.  In the evenings, there's one on each side along with a few snarls and low growls when one gets more Mom-love than the other.  They are the best company ever, these two guys!!!
Oh no!!!  More cupcakes!!!   I know, but I gave away all the last ones I made, and this red velvet cake box was calling my name from the kitchen cabinet.  Besides, I bought a new hole-cutter at a great kitchen store in Florence Oregon that I needed to put to the test.  Let me tell you, it worked perfectly!!!  Not only that, but I got to eat all the holes I punched!!!  Now filled with lovely cream frosting, these will be topped with a dab of cherry pie filling and placed in the freezer.  When I just can't stand it any more, I'll pull one out ... hey, it's much better than eating a huge piece of cake!!!
Today I'm taking my horse Showby outside the corral for a ride around the neighborhood.  There is a 20 acre disced lot nearby ... perfect for working an older horse in need of exercise.  I'll let you know how it goes.  Hopefully that includes me staying on the upside of the saddle!!

Travel on ........

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