Sunday, October 6, 2013

Porky Deliciousness Is Smoking Good!!

I can't believe how good this smoked pork shoulder is!!  After 18 hours of cooking, I opened the door, expecting to see the now-much-smaller roasts due to shrinkage (everyone understands shrinkage?) and found they were just about the same size as when I started!  I was actually counting on them getting smaller, because there was enough meat in there to last me a year!!!
I actually shortcut the process a little since I had a shopping trip scheduled for Saturday morning, but I don't think it mattered at all. 
It was AMAZING!!!  So good in fact, that I was stuffed before 10:00 am ... I just kept tasting pieces because I couldn't believe how good it was on my first try!!
It took me some time to get it into 7 containers ... and I gave away two whole roasts.  They called later to say it was (and I quote) "spectacular"!!!   I'm sooo happy!  In fact, I already have orders for Thanksgiving!!  I'm hoping it's not just beginners luck ... but with Dennis' recipe, I don't think I can go wrong!  Thank you Dennis .. I owe it all to you!!!!!
On another note ... people do the strangest and DUMBEST things!!  This is a HUGE load of trash sitting on the back of a CORVETTE convertible!  I was so shocked, I almost ran over the guy!  At least he put down some kind of blanket, but I'm seriously thinking this is illegal!!  I had to turn off the highway ... I just didn't want to see the wreck!!  Really?  You're going to drive your Corvette into the dump????
So after parking all that gorgeous meat, my friend Chris and I headed off to Modesto for a shopping spree.  It really wasn't planned that way ... I just needed a couple of items (duplicates) for the RV.  
Unfortunately, we had to go right by Beverly's Fabric Store.  I don't know which ones you have been in, but the one in Modesto has more home decorating items than any one I've seen.  We found a fall wreath on sale, 50% off.  Of course we both wanted it and they only had one, but they DID have all the stuff necessary to make your own ... which I did ... for about the same price.  They also had several items that I can use to turn my Halloween Mummy girl into a Day-Of-The-Dead girl for my front porch.  I'll have to figure out how to chain her to the porch (things sometimes disappear in our neighborhood), but with that and my new wicked witch mask, I'll be ready for the little tasty munchkins ... I mean neighbor kids ... for HALLOWEEN!!!
No weight loss today :(   Tooooo much Q!!!

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