Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Smoking Good Time!!

My friends know I'm all about BBQ!!  LOVE the stuff!!  What could be more fun than eating some great smoked pork!!  At an Escapee rally in Los Banos, we all went to Hot City BBQ for lunch, which had amazing Q.  Out front, the BBQ Master took me from one section of his grill to the other, explaining all about temperature sections and smoke.  I just don't think I see a $10,000 smoker in my back yard any time soon.  Besides, it won't fit in the rig and you can't drive it!!

Recently I saw an advertisement for a Bradley Smoker, did some research, and decided I just couldn't wait any longer.  In talking to Nick and Terry Russell, they have an Link on their site, which when used by anyone to access Amazon, results in a credit to their account.  They also suggested I look into Amazon Prime, which offers discounts and free shipping on most products for a yearly fee.  I really didn't think I would use it enough to warrant the charge, until I saw the savings on the Smoker of well over $100 dollars.  Okay then ... a Bradley Smoker it is!!!
While reading another one of my recommended blogs, Dennis & Carols RV Adventures, I noticed he does quite a bit of smoking ... pork that is!!  Recently he even posted a partial recipe.  That was enough for me -- I need to talk to Dennis!!  A few emails later,  he was kind enough to not only give me the recipe, but include his secret tips too!!

A quick trip to Costco and I was ready to get started.
It couldn't be easier.  Attach the burner unit to the box, plug it in, add biscuits and water in a bowl that sits inside on the bottom.  The controls are all digital and easy as pie to operate.
In about 20 hours, this pork will be the pinnacle of porky deliciousness!!  Another plus is that since I smell of hickory smoke, the men in Home Depot seem to follow me everywhere!!  Ladies I think we need to rethink the flowery perfumes!!!  Eau de Hickory Pork may entice them more!!!
While waiting for the smoker, I tried a new pot roast recipe in the oven.  This couldn't be easier too!!   I like easy because I'm not that great a cook!!!  Brown the pot roast, take it out of the pot.  Put in lots of chopped celery, carrots and onion and cook for a couple of minutes.  Now add the meat back in, along with bay leaves, a teaspoon of thyme, a can of Dr. Pepper and enough vegetable or beef broth to barely cover.  Cook at 350 degrees for 3-1/5 to 4 hours.  Now who would have thought Dr. Pepper, which I really don't like, could make a great pot roast.  You'll have to try it and see!!!
This morning I checked out the Q and it's doing nicely.  I forgot and left my back door open a little for the dogs, so now my house smells of BBQ.  At least it's better than the "old" smell it had when I got home from Alaska!!  A few more hours and it will be ready.  Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures for tomorrow!!!

Since you know about the Amazon link now, be sure and log on to Nick and Terry Russell and look for the link to (on the right hand side) whenever you plan to access the site and/or order something -- and pass the word along to your friends!!!  

Diet update:  loss of 4.8 pounds  One of four pair of levis fits!!!  YAY!!

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