Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Always With The Repairs!!!

It's been a quiet week catching up on things at Buzzards Roost.  A couple of days I've been just plain lazy ... a couch potatoe ... reading through most of my stack of 35 magazines received while I was gone.  The puppies love it because they can roam around the yard freely, not tethered by a short 8 foot leash and harness!!  Unfortunately it's not enough to keep Cooper from wanting to play "throw the ball"!!!  At least I found a new toy that is pretty much indestructible and still squeaks!!  He has that crazed look in his eyes!!!  
My peaceful days of crocheting, knitting and reading didn't last long however.  Brown spots in the lawn required sprinkler repairs, horse sticking head through fence and breaking section required repair, plus lots of clean up.  Just when I think I'm about caught up, the toilets fall apart.  I'm pretty sure it's because I use those clorox tabs in the tanks.  I know, they aren't good for the parts and pieces, but they make cleaning SO much easier.  I already had to replace the guts in one toilet, now we're on number two!   In this case, I think the tabs corroded the plastic nut on the handle, which broke.  Easy fix ... except since I wasn't wearing the Hickory Flavor perfume, I got the wrong salesman at Home Depot, who gave me the wrong part.

Once replaced, I thought I was done.  WRONG!!!  Look what I found!!!  This I'm afraid, requires a plumber ... at least one much more knowledgeable than myself.  It looks like the pipe was leaking in the wall.  
So here's my question to all the more experienced RV travelers out there ...  do you turn the water off at each unit?  Do you leave water in the tank?  If not, do the rubber seals dry up and leak?  This was my first experience leaving the house for more than a month, and so far I've had to fix three toilets.  There MUST be a better way!!!

Diet update:   5.1 pounds
The new App shows you how much of your diet is carbs, fat and protein.  I was at 50% carbs (my favorite!!!) ... now trying to swap out veges instead.


  1. What diet app. do you use?
    We leave everything on in the house when we travel.
    Have 2 of everything for the MH. Toaster,hair dryer,razor etc. Clothes,jackets.Just have to take the food out when we get home.
    Love your blog.

  2. MyFitnessPal (I have an I-Phone) and I love it!! I'm glad you enjoy the blog ... I have fun writing it, and I appreciate the info. I'm not quite there yet with two of everything, but I'm working on it!! Soooo much easier that way!!

  3. Thanks. I picked up MH clothes at our local Thrift store, good enough for on the road. I just take a few special things if something special is planned. Of course we are jeans,and tshirt folks so it's easy.

  4. Well shoot, I've been reading your blog for quite a while..It's been fun. This is the 1st time I've noticed you allow me to reply. As name URL, W/O the other stuff I don't understand. Thanks

  5. David .. it must be something Google has changed, as I haven't changed any settings on the blog.

  6. Nancy, I experienced the same issues with my toilets and found this method of introducing chlorine that bypasses all the parts that could be harmed. It just goes down the fill pipe into the bowl only when you flush. Here is the link: (Dont know how to make it active.)

    Also, I dont use the Kaboom refills. I just buy a bottle/jug of small diameter chlorine tables, much cheaper that way.

  7. Awesome!!! Thank you for the info ... I get right on it!!!