Thursday, October 3, 2013

Back From Hanford ... Chores To Be Done!

I surprised myself when I arrived at the Kings Fair Hanford Fairgrounds.  The roads in were VERY narrow and when Dell told me where I needed to go, I was pretty hesitant.  As I skinnied down the line of rigs, I heard "Look ... it's a WOMAN!!  Look Look!!"  I just laughed!!!  Watching for overhead trees, some of which I couldn't miss, I made my way slowly to a turnaround I thought I could manage and turned into an even narrower road, but managed to get parked without hitting anything!!  Against my better judgement, I followed the parking gentleman's directions and ended up with my slide about 12 inches from my neighbor.
I figured it was a good reason to meet some new people, so I knocked on their door to apologize for the close quarters, and met Warren and Marla James ... VERY nice people who didn't care about being close or the possibility (assurance actually) of my dogs barking.  In plugging into the electrical outlet, which meant running my cord under their rig, I discovered this gorgeous image.  I thought of Patty Chance immediately!!!  Boy would I LOVE to have this on the back of my rig!!!
That was it for Hanford.  Back at the ranch, I've got sooo many things on my to-do list!!  First up, connect the water to the horse waterer and ditch the nasty water trough.  With the purchase of a few connectors, it's up and running!!
Next up was to replace the guts of the toilet that wouldn't shut off the water.  This is one I've not done before, but how hard can it be???
The worst part was finding a unit that looked like mine and then trying to navigate through the list of directions in ten languages!!  Ready ... set ... GO!!!  Ladies ... we can do this!!  It was easy as pie.  I did get some water on the floor, but 15 minutes later, the unit actually worked!!!  That $15.00 was much better than a $75.00 plumber bill!!
I woke up early this morning to this nice view in my back yard.  The entire time we were in Alaska, I think I only saw one sunset.  When the sun sets at midnight and rises at 3:30 am, there aren't going to be many pictures on my camera.  Here however, the sun rises at the reasonable hour of 6:30 .....
You can see in the above picture however, all the grass that has grown into the flower beds.  That's today's task!!  Anyone want to help???   You're busy????  Okay, maybe next time!!!

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