Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Battle Lost!!!

The Battle of the Diet was lost last night, but I'm hoping I can still win the war!!  I'm in the recipe testing phase of RV life ... and it's G O O D!!!!  After going through all those magazines I received while gone, I found many new recipes to try.  The pumpkin cupcakes were one ... now I'm on to the cinnamon rolls!!  With no one here to taste test everything, I'm stuck with that unpleasant task.  It was a good fight, but I lost badly as I scarfed down the second one without a backward glance!!

This is one of the easiest recipes I've tried for these ooey gooey delights, so if you're interested, let me know and I'll email it to you.

First off the hard part... the dough.  Buy it in the frozen bread section and thaw it out.  How easy is that???  One 1-lb loaf makes two 9" cake pans full, about 9 cinnamon rolls in each pan.
I left the dough sitting on the counter under plastic wrap to thaw.  Instead of rolling it out on a pastry sheet, I use old (clean of course) pillow cases.  Roll it to a rectangle 18" x 6".
Now spread with softened butter and add the brown sugar and nut mixture.  Roll up tightly, sealing the long edge.  Cut into 1" pieces with a sharp knife, placing them in the buttered cake pans.  Let rise for 1-1/2 hours.  This was the hard part, but I chopped and hacked a couple more rose bushes while I waited.
That's it ... well almost anyway.  There is a secret ingredient poured on just before baking ... something that might make you say UGH!!  Just persevere and you will be rewarded with extra special goodness. A little powdered sugar/milk/vanilla frosting and you've got the yummiest cinnamon rolls ever!!  Now you can see why I downed two like a shot!!
I'm hoping to make stacks of these yummy rolls for the Indio Rally so everyone can try them.   At least when I fall off the wagon, I won't be alone!!!

Still no word from the plumber ... I'll be calling them early Monday morning.  In the meantime, my friend Chris wants to make Pumpkin Butter for her family.  While she's here, I'm going to make cranberry scones and use her as the taste tester ... saving me a few hundred calories!!!

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