Monday, October 7, 2013

My All Time Favorite Holiday!!!!


It's that time of year again ... spooky Halloween arrives in 24 days.  Most people count down to Christmas ... I count down to Halloween!!  When working, I cajoled the entire office into dressing up in some sort of costume.  My friend Diane and I would spend hours pouring over ideas until we came up with something that would suit everyone ... from "Brides" (dead bride, witch bride, our boss was the Reverend) to "Queen of ---" (Sheba, Vampires, Accountants) ... "School Girls" (bad girls, Catholic girls, angelic girls) ... It was scads of fun!!  Since we both retired, they have not dressed up at all.  What fun is that???  Now I try to figure out themes for my house ... not that anyone comes Trick-or-Treating here any more, but it's fun anyway!!  Guess I'm just a kid at heart!!

Once I enlarge this sign, it will hang on my front door.
The Headless Horseman will appear with a pumpkin head somewhere on the property.  The head was needed for my other greeter ...
Kitty Kitty Kitty!!!!  I set this one on the floor and Cooper went nuts!!
Here's the "Greeter" ... a Day of The Dead doll, six feet tall.  The Day of the Dead in Mexico is a celebration of family members who have passed and it happens to coincide with our Halloween celebrations.  The costumes they wear and the dolls they use for the altars, just scream Halloween!!!  This is actually my Mummy Girl, minus her head.  With very little work, I was able to attach her NEW head!!  She's a work in progress ... I'll keep you posted!!
Next up will be some pumpkin carving!!

Stay tuned for the rest of the decorations!!!


  1. YOU ARE SO CREATIVE !!! And your blog so well written, Thanks for the loads of fun.

  2. Thank you Don ... It's a lot of fun ... glad you enjoy it!!!