Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Running, Packing and Repacking!!!

Another few miles under my belt!  When I run, I wear a GPS watch that tracks my time, mileage and calories burned according to specific information you enter about age, weight, height, etc.  I'm sure it's not totally accurate but close enough for me.  I never really look at the "calories" entry ... and I never should have!!  I accidentally brought up that section this morning to see that the 1-1/2 miles I ran only burned 84 calories.  Almost makes it not worth it!!  At LEAST it should be enough for another ice cream bar!!!!  What a let down ... if I ever see that screen come up again, I'm closing my eyes!!

To keep from gaining pounds over the holidays, one of the radio DJ's came up with a challenge to run a marathon between now and New Years.  Not your usual marathon, but the total mileage.  Run (or walk) one mile a day, with a few days off here and there, to a total of 26.  What a great idea!!!  For those that can't or don't want to actually run, maybe walk half a mile every day.  Trust me, you will feel SO much better having done so.  The added benefits are easier breathing, more energy and maybe even increase your immunity!!  It's worth a try!!!

Getting ready to head off to Costa Rica, I purchased a zebra-striped bag, easy to spot ... and packed it with everything I needed.  Then I unpacked it ... then I packed it ... finally I unpacked it.  Originally I was going to take a carry on only, but since that has been discouraged, the zebra soft-sided bag will be crushed.  Course it took packing three different bags to see which one would go with me.  The fewer the clothes and smaller the bag, the better.  I'm not one to overpack!!  Finally, I'm ready to hit the road.  Unfortunately the bus leaves next week at 4:45 AM ... that's O-Dark-Thirty!!  Ugh!!  I'm not a morning person ... but hope the excitement will keep me awake long enough to get to our hotel in San Jose!!  In the mean time, my friend Chris will be staying at my house taking care of the puppies and my horse.  What a relief THAT is!!!

Being mostly in the jungle, there's no internet service and phone towers are few and far between.  I may be able to send Dan a few pictures that he can post on his site, but I expect you won't hear from me for awhile!!

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