Wednesday, January 25, 2023

More Stuff You Can't Live Without!

 You know you want them ... you can't live without them ... Mexican sandals!!  Here we are again at the Big Tent, cruising the aisles looking for something ... anything!!  After all, you HAVE to be able to say "I bought this at the Big Tent in Quartzsite"!!!

I never spend much money here ... it's more about checking out the crazy people and the latest and greatest inventions.  It's like the snake oil salesman ... and you are just attracted to the light!

Remember these?  The sticks you put on the top of opened potato chip bags?  I bought them once, had a terrible time remembering exactly HOW they went on the bag, before finally donating them.  I guess I didn't need them after all.  They actually did work ... I just didn't have room to store them.  

More purses and doggie strollers, but too high priced for me.  SO many doggies ... the fights had to be stopped at every turn.

Although I expected to see My Pillow, this pillow top for your mattress would have to suffice.  I'm not sure how many they sold .. it didn't look like it was thick enough for me.

And the doggies kept coming.  These two were pretty cute, but I couldn't get them to look my direction.  I can say it's a good thing they were chained in because all they wanted was OUT!

Need a new shower head?  I'm sure it's fabulous, but I don't think I have enough water pressure for this baby.  

And HERE IT IS!  The one thing I couldn't live without maybe 8 years ago.  At that time, if you bought two, you got one free ...  a GREAT deal.  I don't remember how much it was.  I DO remember that Dan Chance bought them and gave me one.  You stand it up, push up and down and it will scramble your eggs like you've never seen in your life ... and make whipped cream like a PRO!  We couldn't live without it.

Yeah, it lasted about one year before it was donated to the Thrift Store.  What a waste of money THAT was.  The really fun part of the tent is watching these guys demonstrate their product.  PLUS ... you get a free lunch along the way, sampling the results.

Yes, here are the exact same dips I purchased in Indio at our rally.  You get a bundle of pretzel sticks to taste test the dips made with mayo and sour cream.  These are GOOD!!  So good that I went through THREE bundles of pretzels and had lunch.  

I didn't buy any however, since 3 sold for $20.  I got 5 for $20 in Indio ... so there's that!  By the time I left I had gone through the line FOUR times!!

Do you have a sock fancy?  Here's every color and type of doggie and kitty sock you could ever want.  I passed on these also, though the price wasn't too bad.

Hawaiian shirts are always in style I guess.  They really did have an amazing variety if you are the type to sit on the beach and sip your margarita.

FINALLY .... I buy two things.  A very thin wallet for I.D., credit cards and cash, to stick in my pocket when coming to the Big Tent so I don't have to carry my purse.  It was on sale for half price ... a nice $20. It's probably worth $10.

Lastly, before I went outside and bought my table, I purchased this cloth to clean my glasses.  At home I have lots of cleaners, but THIS worked better than all of them.  You can even clip it on your purse so you don't lose it.  I won't tell you what I paid ... it's Norwex.  Okay, it too was $20, but now I can see so much better!!  Hey, sometimes you have to help out the entrepreneur trying to make a living.  I admit, many times I buy stuff I know I don't need, just because I want to help them succeed.  

That's it for the Big Tent!  There was lots more stuff like solar panels, mini solar generator things to recharge your phone; flags and flagpoles and many tables touting their vacation specials so you would visit them.  For those that remember the big Alaska tables at the end ... they have been replaced by big Arizona tables.

Today I'm packing up and heading out.  I need to get to Yuma to meet friends Cindy and Ray Warner and buy fabric, not to mention going to Los Algodones.  Now if I can just remember how to hook this thing back up to my truck!!!


  1. So many awesome things! You make us sorry we are going to miss it! Good much in Yuma, we will be there in a week!

    1. Yuma ... 50 degrees this morning with soon to be 20 mph winds. In a week, it should be warmer.

  2. We missed the shower heads so will look on our next visit. Maybe tomorrow afternoon. Our on/ off switch broke.

    1. They had lots of different kinds so you should be able to find one that works. Good luck!!

  3. One last visit. I guess you got the roll up table. I find my t-shirt works best on glasses. Two uses for the price of one. At least it's warm in Yuma. Safe travels.

    1. I did get the table Doug ... and it's pretty nice. I used shirts too until I scratched the lens so bad I had to buy new glasses. Yuma is kind of warm ... windy for the next couple of days, but in a week it should heat up a bit.

  4. Love the new wallet! I just bought one today at my friend Karen's store. :) I know Patsy swears by Norwex so your glass cleaner should be good. Enoy the drive!