Thursday, January 12, 2023

Ice Cream Woes!!

 Mornings are just perfect here in Indio.  Although it's cold, the winds have died down, making for a pretty nice day.

Of course there is the hum of huge generators, but we are all giving that company a standing ovation for the constant power.  In years past things would blow up quite often during the week.  I can deal with the hum when it works!!

Our first real day started off a little breezy, but breakfast was served anyway.  I made two big breakfast casseroles the night before and pawned them off on two wonderful ladies to cook.  They did a spectacular job while I rushed off to get the ice cream.  When I returned, it was a mad dash to get out the yogurt, fruit, toasters and miscellaneous things to make for a yummy meal.  

And I ate the WHOLE thing!!  

Getting the ice cream?  That's always an experience ... something always goes wrong, through no fault of my own, thank goodness.  I called the VP to be sure the freezer had arrived the day before.  I called him AGAIN that morning.  Yup ... we have a freezer.  I called him AGAIN to tell him we were on our way back.  

Costco as always, was great.  They brought out a huge pallet of boxes, which Patty and John Painter and I loaded into our vehicles.  But of course first I had to UNLOAD the back seat of my truck, filled to the brim with fabric boxes and STUFF!

Back at the fairgrounds (as fast as we could go) we quickly discovered the building door was locked.  What?  I just told him we were on our way!  I called the VP yet again.   At long last, the door was opened as I backed into the building.  I threw open the freezer door to find it completely full of ice.  

Oh wait the VP said ... I have all these freezer over here ... three household refrigerators the same size as the one in my rig.  By now I'm a little perturbed!!  What's cheaper ... ice or ice cream?  The ice has to go!!  He took out maybe six bags to deliver somewhere.  

NOT GONNA DO IT!!  While he was gone, we took out nine bags and left them on the ground.  The ice cream fit perfectly.  Not that it's going to keep it from melting BECAUSE he got a freezer that only goes down to 20 degrees ... and we need 0-10.  

OH WELL ....... I went back to my rig, checking out the food along the way.  Funnel cakes with piles and piles of Bavarian cream and whipped cream.  Now that's right up my alley!!!  AND Kettle Korn!!

The best part of the day was this!  The RV ShadePro guy came by with my window shade.  Talk about being a pro ... he had this installed in 40 minutes.  Now I can leave the inside shade open and have a little light without being cooked by the sun.  If you ever need new shades or awnings, these guys are the best.  They did all the work on my old Class A also.

In a flash, it was time to start the pork loin barbecue and whip up some funeral potatoes.   I may need those by the time this trip is over!!  I preheated the oven, starting at 350 degrees.  It took 20 minutes and never got above 200.  I ended up baking the casserole for 60 minutes at 450.  

As the sun went down giving us a spectacular sunset, we dined on the best bbq pork I've ever had.  The men in this group certainly know how to cook!!

We sat around and told stories for an hour or so, then headed off to our rigs.  I repacked my truck and began my mantra for a good ice cream day, because TODAY we hand out the first batch.  This otta be a riot!  I don't even know if they have tables, though I've asked several times.  

The thing is, so many people that put on this shindig over the years have sold their rigs, that we have almost all new people who haven't done it before.  You have to laugh or you will cry!!

Luckily I have this amazingly happy kid that keeps me laughing all day long.  This is where I sit on the floor and toss the ball up to him.  Obviously he loves it!!

SO ... 11:30 we'll be taking our annual picture, then frantically handing out ice cream bars for 75 minutes.  Wish us luck ... we're going to need it!!!


  1. Good luck today, hopefully when you open the freezer this morning you find solid bars and the chaos is at a minimum!

  2. Hoping that the "ICE" still remains in the Ice Cream Bars, or it is going to be goooooeeeeey

  3. You with your drama and me with mine. We make a pair. I think you've managed to pull it all together and everyone is happy. Keep up the good work and save some ice cream for me and Yuma.

  4. Well, I'm exhausted just reading. But I do have enough energy left to ask what are funeral potatoes?

    1. Funeral potatoes ... hash browns, butter, sour cream, cream of chicken soup and cheese ... a heart healthy meal to take to a family having a funeral.

  5. Replies
    1. He IS a happy boy ... and my best buddy.

  6. My goodness, how much work and commitments can
    one gal have and still think it’s fun!? Lol
    What is the name of this group that’s meeting?
    Hope when it’s over they give you a medal🌟🌟🌟
    You sure tell a good re cap story !!
    Linda a.

    1. I actually enjoy the company more than the work. The members of the group are supposed to ALL host a rally, which of course they mostly do not. This is my contribution to the club ... once a year. No medal, but I do love to see the people who can show up.

  7. I'm amazed at what you accomplish Nancy. Cooper sure is a happy little camper and what a smile he has!

  8. A day in the life of the ice cream lady. Lol. Good luck.

    1. That's it ... only two more days!!!