Monday, November 21, 2022

Thanksgiving Cooking Tips

The calm before the storm!!  Here we are, snuggled up in front of the fire, contemplating a great Thanksgiving dinner.  I decided to cook my turkey ahead of the big day ... no reason really.  All of a sudden I realized it was past time for the turkey to go in the oven. 

TIP # 1        Do not under any circumstances, buy a turkey from Target.  

I know, don't complain, it was free.  A "prize", if that's what you want to call it, from Bingo.  Turned out it was a big SUR-prize!!
TIP #2        Buy a butterball turkey, no matter what the cost.

So the turkey is in the oven, smothered in butter and roasting away at 325 degrees.   Since I had three hours to wait, it was time to throw the pie together.

TIP #3        Buy a pre-made pie shell.  Marie Callendar makes nice ones.  

I took the pie dough I made out of the freezer and let it thaw.  Then I made a spectacular looking shell that was to die for.  Isn't it pretty?

I mixed up the pumpkin stuff to perfection and just like my Mom ... I placed the pie shell inside the oven BEFORE pouring in the filling.  The Bad Voodoo Gods were not going to get me today!!  Trouble was, I couldn't pour in all the filling because the oven was not level.  A couple of well placed forks solved that problem.  TAKE THAT!!  

Bake for 35 minutes ... but it wasn't even near done.  So I baked it a little longer, and a little longer still.

TIP #4        Just eat the pumpkin cheesecake with oreo cookies. 

Pretty, yes?  It took almost an hour to get done and my mouth was watering.  But FIRST .....


AND GRAVY!!!  Hmmmm this gravy doesn't taste quite like it should.  Probably because I used a secret package of TURKEY gravy mix along with potato water and turkey drippings (like my Mom used to), instead of the usual BROWN gravy mix.   No, that's not it.

Here's my beautiful plate ... a Thanksgiving dinner I couldn't wait to dig in to.  Oh yeah, those are roasted Brussels sprouts, one of my favorite vegetables.  

TIP #5        Refer to TIP #2        

The turkey tasted terrible ... like yucky fat.  Rancid maybe?   Almost as bad as grass fed beef.  This is the worst turkey I've ever had in my life.  That being said, the gravy, made with the drippings, tasted JUST AS BAD!!  All this trouble and I could hardly finish the plate.

TIP #6        Refer to TIP #4         Eat the cheesecake instead of the pie.  

Oh my goodness ... I thought it would get the taste of the turkey and gravy out of my mouth ... a nice big piece of pie with whipped cream.  I took the first bite.  Actually it tasted really good, but I needed a big steak knife to cut the crust.  I'm not kidding ... I'm throwing that recipe away.  It was tougher than the old leather harnesses I have for my horses.  How could that be?  I didn't overwork it and it has a cube of butter in it.

TIP #7        Here's the phone number for Denny's Restaurant.  722-2549

All that work ..... all that time ..... and dinner was awful.  The only redeeming factor was the potatoes and Brussels sprouts, which I'll be eating for the next two days.  It's a good thing I wasn't having company.

Cooper on the other hand, thought the turkey was quite tasty.  That's good because he's got a lot of it to eat!!!

Happy Early Thanksgiving!!


  1. That’s a lot of tips. I was tempted to take notes. Only one tip was actually needed and that was #7. Now if we could just follow our own tips, we’d be all set. Lol


  2. Don't know WHY Butterballs are so good, but they are the best. With those 'other' Turkeys you have to place butter under the skin, which is not easy to do. I also find that if I cook veggies in the cavity (in place of traditional dressing) that the Turkey is moister ... I put in onions, celery, and lots and lots of whole mushrooms. No turkey this year, we got a standing rib roast instead...Marcia is not a big Turkey fan like I am.

    1. It's the flavor of the meat that's important, and that comes from what they are fed!! People wouldn't believe it if they knew.

  3. So you cooked the "Target" bird? Not the Butterball.
    I have a 11 lb Butterball thawing out for Wed. cooking, I use the "oven bag" and its moist. Sometimes I don't even get all the giblets out of it!

    1. Yup .. I cooked the Target bird. A butterball would have been fabulous!! Yours will be delicious!

  4. Haha you are too funny! It all looked delicious. My turkey's going in the over overnight low and slow and stuffed. So we'll see in the morning :)

  5. Ah so much labor for so little reward for you.
    Well, I might like the turkey, if it tasted like chicken fat. I like all fat. My doctor rolls her eyes. Cooper might have some competition in the turkey department.

    1. Hahaha Judith! I'm not a fat lover ... don't know where that actually came from, but lean is the name of the game for me.

  6. OMG, how could that happen?? Thought your pie crust
    was a premade one from Marie’s....your recipe was the same🤭. So much work..... I’ve had similar experiences with
    different dinners.....just want to throw it in the trash. Ha
    On to better days and better dinners!!
    I won’t ever buy a Target turkey, I’m convinced💥
    Linda a.

    1. Truly Linda .. Butterball is the name in the turkey game. I couldn't find any premade shells this year, so I made my own. Never again!!!

  7. Ohhhhh .... a fresh turkey!! That is probably the best. Around here, even the FRESH turkeys are frozen when you get them. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!