Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Winner Winner PORK Dinner

I woke up yesterday morning.  In my book, that's the best thing that can happen.  I'm still here, able to thank those who gave their lives for us, and have my cup-o-joe on the patio.  What a fabulous morning it was ... cooler than normal, probably due to all the snow up North.  Snow ..... and it's basically JUNE!

Having actually thought ahead, I went to the store late Sunday, hoping everyone had already done their shopping.  I was so very wrong.  It was packed to the gills, but luckily I was able to snag one slab of baby back ribs.  It's time to get my smoking on!!!

I drug the smoker from the garage, not an easy task, and got her plugged in.  I love this box.  It's a Bradley Smoker that almost doesn't need any human intervention.  Almost!!!  She has become a little slow to warm up, but I know how that is.  I attached the controls to the side where the foil is at the bottom, and set her temperature to high.

Here it is ... my ONE little baby back rib that cost me $17.00.  I get six meals out of it, so I suppose I can't complain.  Whole chickens were up to $15.00.  Big sigh.  HAMBURGER IS $8.99 A POUND!!!  

Anyway, I smothered this baby in Pig Powder, the best rub I've ever used and let it sit in the fridge overnight.  Yes Pig Powder cost a pretty penny, but you don't really need to use all that much and the flavor is the BEST I've ever had.

Two full hours of smoke at 225, wrap them in foil and back in they go for another hour to cook.  If you want them saucy, take them out, sauce them up and back in the smoker they go for 30-60 minutes more.  I just left them in, to sauce when I eat.  Really, these are so good you can do without the sauce.

OH YEAH .... winner winner Pork Dinner!!!  They were amazing.  Too bad I forgot about having anything with them, not that I needed anything.  I finally made a small green salad so I wouldn't eat the entire thing in one fell swoop!!!

What I didn't forget was DESSERT.  Patsy Richards mentioned in her blog that she made pineapple cheesecake.  It sounded wonderful and it WAS ... until later.  I found this no-bake recipe on the web and whipped it up in a flash, sticking it in the freezer to set up.  Oh boy ... my mouth was watering!!

I didn't do much else, trying to keep an eye on the ribs.  At last I decided to plant the gazanias Cyndae had sent home with me.  Don't laugh, but she has collected parts and pieces from all around her city ... the Walmart parking lot, next to the gas station, Home Depot ... and filled planters in her back yard.  I won't tell you where she lives so she doesn't get arrested!!

This corner holds all the crazy driftwood I've collected over the years, including a big chunk from one of the moorings for the boats that landed in Alaska during the gold rush.  Nothing else seemed to grow here, but I did find out why.  The Gardeners had run their mower through and drug the drip line back under another shrub.  Good Grief!!!  I repaired that and added several lines to the new plants.  Hopefully they will grow.  If not, I'll pick up something to replace them.

Full of WAY too many ribs and cheesecake after dinner, I waddled to bed.  I should have known better.  Two hours later I was up with a horrible stomach ache.  That'll teach me!!!  It was an awful night, fraught with nightmares of being on an Air Force base, trying to get home by stealing a B-52.  Oh I tried sweet talking those good looking guys, but to no avail.  At last, whoever was with me (I've no idea) got to fly while I stole the pickup truck.  SO NO MORE RIBS AND CHEESECAKE FOR ME!!!

Hopefully I heal up quickly because it's BINGO TIME!!


  1. Earlier in May you were in Jackson at the Biggest Little Kitchen Store and found those spices with $hit in their name. I thought that was SO FUNNY, that I bought, through Amazon, a collection of six of them for the master BBQ'er of the family, Arny. Well, yesterday he did a rib rack using the 'Good $hit' spice, and boy was it delicious! He and Sandy had some Chicken the other day using the 'Chicken $hit' spice along with Asparagus using the 'Aw $hit' spice. He LOVES them all. And they all came in a nice display case they call the '$hit Locker'. I figured these must be good since Amazon has them rated at 4.8 stars out of 1,886 ratings (can't get much higher than that!)

    1. That's awesome!! I'm glad they liked them. They sure make a difference in the flavor of things.

  2. That pork dinner looks amazing, so does the pineapple cheesecake! Maybe just save it for breakfast LOL. Hopefully your new plants make it!

  3. Oh boy, those ribs gave you some crazy dreams. They looked delicious though!

    1. Right? Accept I think it was the cheesecake!! LOL. Either way, I think it was worth it because those ribs were about the best I've ever cooked.