Monday, May 16, 2022


 Now there's two words I really hate to hear.  I contemplated the RV Recall all morning long, hoping I would not be among those selected to leave their rigs at the shop for four or five months waiting for repairs.  With the RV industry exploding during Covid, it has caused a major backup in everything "repairs", not counting the fuel and shipping issues.  Not that the dealers care one whit ... they are only about SELLING, not SERVICING.

So here's the bad news as far as what I have on it .... over 22,000 rigs will be recalled for replacement of gas line valves.  Exactly which valves, escapes me, but I think it's where the line hooks to your tank.  I could be wrong, so google it if you think you are included.

This would be anything these manufacturers made in 2022.  Cruiser RV, D RV, Heartland, Highland Ridge, KZ RV (never heard of that one), Starcraft and Thor.  Apparently the brass used in the fittings (made inTexas) was contaminated and will crack inside the line where you cannot see it if tightened too tight.  Gas will leak, you can die.  Here's the thing though ... the official recall notice will not be sent out until July 1, 2022.

Thank the Lord I'm not in that group, but that doesn't mean they won't admit it later on.  Of course parts to make the repairs are in very short supply at the moment.  Good luck to those who have the problem.

It was a rather long day.  I don't know what possessed me to set up another photo shoot for 10:00 on a Sunday morning.  Well actually, I do know ... She that is in charge wanted them done NOW.  

I came up with the idea of using something other than the big background.  It just takes too long for setup.  Hopefully these pictures come out okay.  In the meantime, I'm cutting out a chunk of background we can duck tape to the wall.

I have to admit, it was pretty funny seeing two people dressed in a tux on top and shorts on the bottom!

I was racing home when I remembered the little Mexican store.  They served amazing tortillas at the lodge from this place.  I slammed on the brakes and went inside.  SQUIRREL!!  I was immediately distracted by the TAMALE sign waving at me in the breeze.  Corn and chicken here, which all went in the freezer.  Okay, MOST went in the freezer.  I ate two and they were yummy ... but truthfully, not as good as mine.  Why is that?

I sewed for a bit in the afternoon, but was more interested in watching the newest crop of 3-year old bucking bulls performing for the first time at a rodeo.  WOW!!  I've never seen bulls buck like that before.  Out of twenty, only two riders hung on for 8 seconds.  

Just a side note, at the Bill Picket Invitational Rodeo (said at least 900 times during that performance) only two rode the horses, even though they were allowed to hold on with BOTH hands, and only one made the 8 second bell on the bull.  It was fun to see they included kids as young as 11 years old in the roping.

Anyway ... at 2:30 I remembered I had a ticket for a free drive-through chicken dinner.  Woohoo ... winner winner!!  I drove over to the local high school for pickup.  This turned out to be much more than I expected.  It will last me at last three days!!!

Oh wait ... there was another purchase at the Mexican store.  I didn't find the exact very thin flour tortillas we had previously, but I did find these.  SO much thinner than the normal grocery store version.  I'll have one for breakfast this morning and report on it later.  I have high hopes for these!!

I ended the day patiently waiting for the full moon to rise for some magnificent pictures.  Isn't this amazing?  It's not my picture.  I guess this is what it looked like somewhere in the world, but not here.  I looked high and low, but could see NOTHING.  

I finally parked out front, only to finally see just the faintest shadow behind the clouds.  The eclipse had apparently already happened behind the trees.   RATS!!  I missed it completely.  Better luck next time.

Finally, a day of rest.  I have absolutely nothing to do today except rest up for Tuesday's BINGO!!!  Cooper is a happy camper!!


  1. Looks like some (perhaps all) of the recall is with a quick disconnect at the tank. Should not take very long for one to be replaced...but parts is, as you said, another thing. I guess folks 'could' use a spray bottle of water to check for a leak every time they disconnect / reconnect the line...and I would also look for a leak after each travel, until they can get it fixed. I am sure some will fix it themselves, but they will have to eat the cost of doing so most likely...again, "if" they can find the parts to fix it.

    1. Finding parts is the problem. Or at least getting parts from that manufacturer is the problem. Maybe you can find others that fit? It's a scary one for sure.

  2. I kept going out. I couldn't even find the moon. Then I asked Jerry to come out with me to find the moon. Well...he told me it's too cloudy to see the moon. Duh...I guess too much wine on my part. Elva

    1. That's funny! I didn't think it was that cloudy here, but apparently between the trees and the clouds, it wasn't much visible. Maybe I gave up too soon. I'm usually looking in the wrong direction!

  3. I saw the moon and it was beautiful.

    1. I've seen pictures Loree ... it was gorgeous ... and I missed it!

  4. The recall doesn't affect us either, thank goodness for older rvs.
    I didn't even hear about the blood moon until the day after. Duh. It would have been great to see it.