Sunday, May 29, 2022

A Cooper Adventure

 I can't help it .... I love this picture of Cooper.  Best laid plans go awry, which is what happened with my picture taking adventure yesterday.  

This is me getting up at 4:30 after laying awake for 30 minutes, navigating the dark hallway while trying to be quiet as a mouse.  Cooper goes out first thing in the morning.  Then we roll around on the floor a bit with the ball before heading back to the bedroom for computer time.  It's hard to see the ball when it's this dark.  Even harder to keep Cooper from barking and waking up our hostess.

Oh ... and don't forget the tile floors.  Tile is not Cooper's friend.  If he gets scared due to new surroundings, he runs, slipping and sliding all over the tile.  The end result is he will never step foot on that tile again.  Any movement from place to place has Mom carrying him.  Yes I could drag him, or just leave him, but that results in barking.  Lots of barking!!!

After a quick breakfast, we went out for breakfast.  Yes you read that right, although Sun Chips probably aren't considered breakfast food in most places.  When I mentioned taking Cooper for a walk through the neighborhood, Cyndae suggested we walk to Solano Baking Company.  She called and invited two of her single friends from the neighborhood to meet us.

I wasn't sure if Cooper was going to make it, being 3/4 of a mile and crossing a noisy street.  There was lots of tugging and pulling since he wanted to smell every single bush along the dog walk to get there.  When he freaked out from the traffic, there was a little carrying involved, but we made it and even garnered a table to sit at.

It's a pretty popular place.  That's the line out the door above, which never went away.  I quickly walked inside with Cooper to see what they had, then held the table down while Cyndae did the ordering.

This was a whole new adventure for Cooper.  You can tell by the look on his face he wasn't sure what was going on.  That's Cyndae, still waiting in line.

The other two ladies showed up and we scarfed down ham and cheese filled croissants that were amazing.  I would be in big trouble if I lived close to this place.  Maybe it's a good thing there is absolutely nothing around my house for ten miles.

There would be more pictures if my phone hadn't died a horrible death in the twenty minutes it took us to get there.  I definitely need a new battery, or a new phone.  Ugh .......

Back home, we binge watched (now there's some words I never thought I'd hear about me) The Lincoln Lawyer, based on several books.  I would not normally be interested in anything like that, but I have to say it was a really good series.  No way did we even come close to figuring out "who done it".  

Later, one of the gals came over for dinner ... leftovers from our cooking frenzy.  We had artichokes, Brussel sprouts, fajita meat, huge bowls of fruit, a beet salad and whatever else we could scrounge from the fridge.  It was different ........

Then we played Rummy.  It's like Gin Rummy, but with tiles instead of cards.  It seemed I always found the "move" after I had passed my turn.  With beginners luck, I won the second game.  It was a great way to pass the time.  I should have gone to the local casino since I also won the third game, but only because Cyndae couldn't find a spot for her last tile.  

I'm heading back home this morning.  No use pushing my luck with the Monday end-of-weekend traffic.  It's been a great weekend with great friends.  Cooper and Jonathan will be happy to get back home.


  1. Always nice to get out for a change of pace.
    Cooper looks like he's wondering "Why are we here?".
    Safe Travels and Enjoy the Adventure.

    It's about time.

  2. Safe travels. Too bad that series is on Netflix, we don't do Netflix, but it looks interesting.

    1. I don't do Netflix either ... I was surprised at the movies they have.

  3. I just finished The Lincoln Lawyer two nights ago. Interesting, I guess. I would have never figured who did it either!

    1. I'm a murder mystery kind of girl and had no idea on that one.

  4. Wow, what a nice weekend you had. A change is
    always good for us......even though you do travel
    with a bit of baggage! Ha
    Hope you made it home without any problems.

    1. It really was good to get away, even if I do have to take the zoo with me!!

  5. Again the above is from Linda a. Sorry

    1. I've been doing the same thing ... forgetting the name part.