Friday, May 6, 2022

And Then There Were TWO!!

Can you believe it?  Another beautiful morning without the heater or the air conditioner sucking cash out of my wallet.  Although it's been windier this year than I can ever remember, I rather like the spring.  The fact that the gardeners actually fixed that broken sprinkler yesterday made it even better.  Now if the trash pickup guys would do their job, I'd be in like Flynn.

So far I've placed two orders for them to replace the lid they ripped off the recycle bin.  Not that I have much to recycle, because I don't.  But when I do ....... I at least would like it not to be spread all across the country by the wind!  Both times they have not showed up.  Although it used to be a local company with good service, they are now owned by a company in Phoenix Arizona.  It took three transfers to find someone to talk to, and they were STILL a no-show!!  Ahem ..... Arizona!!!!

It also seems that my videographer skills have gone the way of my cooking.  It was really late and I was in a hurry.  Even I laughed at this one.  If you've ever had a kitty kitty, you'll see why.  She's sitting on the Route 66 Off Ramp, daring the foxes to knock her off!!

 The man of the den did make a quick appearance, but didn't hang around.  Just passing through!

And then there were two quilt squares.  This one went a little faster because I knew how to sew each piece, but the color selection took twice as long.  The sheet only shows the first square.  You have to figure out which color goes where on the next one ..... and they are ALL completely different!  The first one had letters ... the rest have only numbers.  My brain was fried by the time I got done.

The good news is if I mess up, you probably won't be able to tell, because I couldn't tell myself!!!  In fact, I may have to swap out a couple of colors since I did make an error or two in cutting.  We shall see if I have enough of the right color left.  Complicated this one is!!!!

One thing for sure, it's keeping me out of the fridge.  I mean really, I almost missed lunch and never once opened the door for candy or ice cream.  That's saying something!!!

Last night I got dressed up in the "required" uniform and headed out to the Elks Lodge.  It was Cinco de Mayo night, along with voting for the open trustee position.  The meeting was late on the opening, then they have decided to do the LONG opening and closing from now on.  I'm uncomfortable as it is and they make it last even LONGER!!!

Then I had a moment ..... what are they going to do if I wear something comfortable?  Two others don't wear the "outfit" so why should I?  I know that's the Black Sheep in me talking up a storm.  Hee hee hee!  I'm doing it!!!  By the way, our dinner of carnitas, rice and beans with REAL tortillas was delicious!

I got home late and I'm rather groggy this morning, faced with a really early 8:00 appointment tomorrow morning to chop and hack stuff for the Mother's Day Breakfast at the Elks.  That will be followed by a 6:00 Sunday morning appearance where I will pretend to be Chef of the Day!  Yup .. I'm cooking for the Mother's Day Brunch again.  Scary, right???  I'll let you know how that works out.


  1. Nice the gardners did their job right! Pretty quilt, love the colors! Aww good for you cooking and helping out at the Mother's Day Brunch..I knew you would :)

    1. They didn't have much help this year and I think they are going to be really crowded with so many new members.

  2. Nice Quilt. The Red and Green compliment one another.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooking.

    It's about time.

    1. I have to admit, the colors look rather Christmasy!!

  3. Other than the 90+ degree day earlier this week, it has been nice here too, which is needed since the AC needs to be completely replaced, and it might take another 10 days before that is accomplished. There goes another 2k....oh well, one can't expect these things to last forever, and ours has lasted 16 or 17 years, so can't complain about that.

  4. You are a trooper and yes a black sheep. Haha let us know if you get your hand slapped!
    Ice cream, pie, candy? I can't remember what it's like to have room in a FRIDGE for those!!