Saturday, May 14, 2022


 Can you hear the music from JAWS playing in the background?  It permeates my entire house every Friday the 13th.  It's why I stay home where it's safe and do practically nothing in order to survive.  That day is never my friend.

I savored my morning coffee to the very last drop before finally getting up off the couch.  There was a box in the back of my truck that was calling my name.  I had a $50 coupon for Boot Barn last week and knew exactly what I wanted.  I ordered these beauties on-line, praying they would fit when I got them.

Yesterday before the meeting, I got the call.  Of course I tried them on at the store and they fit terrible.  That would normally erupt into a refund on the spot.  Why I took them home, I've no clue.  These are Laredos.  I wore a pair of these every day for over 20 years ... and still have them.  

Since no one told me that all that marathon running would make your feet bigger, they no longer fit, although they are still in magnificent shape.  The lower heel is great for walking, yet perfect for riding.  

I tried them on again, but thought the 13th was showing it's ugly head.  Cue the Jaws music.  They were not comfortable and hurt my foot.  As I packed them up for the return, I stuck my hand inside to see what was causing the problem.  THIS is what I found, completely invisible when you looked inside.  I pulled these out and put them on again.  HEAVEN!!!  THEY FIT!!!  I wore them all day long since leather boots take some breaking in.

The first trip was outside to the concrete where I ground the edges off a tad on the heel and the sole.  It makes them non-slippery and a little easier to walk.  Those black marks on the driveway will go away eventually.  Then I picked up the critter cam.  

You should know your limitations, as in me not leaving the house on Friday the 13th.  This kitty has no limitations.  It's funny he wasn't the least bit interested in the last bit of chicken I tossed out for them.

After sewing for a bit, I doctored up my arm.  It's always amazing to me how red your flesh is under that skin.  I know, yuck!!!  At least it's healed up enough now that the aloe doesn't sting.  I have some long running sleeves I'm going to wear next time.  This is NOT fun!

The afternoon found me walking around the house looking for something, I know not what.  Boredom had set in.  Okay, I'll get on the old rowing machine.  Although it seems easy at first (and I can adjust the pull), it soon got pretty hard, meaning it was working.  In no time I was out of breath.  If nothing else, it does keep me limber.  Big surprise again .... nothing bad happened.

When dinner time rolled around, I had one of those HUGE chicken breasts in the fridge.  You know, the ones that are tough as nails?  I cut it into big slabs and got out the air fryer that has had little use lately.  I actually followed the directions and cooked it for 18 minutes on Roast at 375.  

I even put it on a REAL plate, hoping that would help it taste better.  Boy was I surprised.  This turned out to be the juiciest chicken I've ever had.  Chock one up for me ... take THAT Friday the 13th!!

A couple of small tacos became dinner.  With maybe six more of those gigantic chicken breasts in the freezer, this is the perfect way for me to cook them!

I ended the day with a little rodeo ... the Bill Pickett Invitational Rodeo ... showcasing all black contestants.  I bet you've never heard of Bill Pickett.  I'll talk about him tomorrow because I'll be heading out soon to the big city of Fresno.  


  1. I've never believed in Friday 13th but years back had just gotten my car repainted. Took my mother grocery shopping and parked at the far end of the lot. When we came out the passenger door was against the seat. No one saw anything.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your boots.

    It's about time.

  2. I'd say that Friday the 13th is now your best day of the year!! The boots are very cool and I'm so glad you found the problem.
    Rowing with no issues and lastly those chicken breasts! Wow, nice to hear that everything turned out all right. ♥
    They must have been HUGE breasts to start with unless the pictures are deceiving.

    1. It was the biggest piece of chicken I've ever seen. I actually cut it into five pieces, each half the size of my hand.

  3. I like to cut chicken breast into very thin slices, fry them in butter, olive oil and spices...they are always tender and juicy. They make a good stir fry, and/or various casseroles.

  4. Could you tell me what model of rowing machine that is, and do you like it? Does it fold up? Thanks.

    1. It's a Concept 2 Rowing Machine. If I remember right, it comes in two or three pieces you put together. It was easy cuz I did it myself. There's many programs you can pick, or you can just row. Not foldable, sadly.