Tuesday, April 13, 2021

My New Buddy ... My Pal ... My Friend

 I have a new buddy.  Not the kind you really want hanging around your house.  It's that kid with all the tattoos, dyed black spikey hair and painted black fingernails you would rather have at someone ELSE'S house.  He's the one that shows up in the middle of the night, sleeps on the floor, eats all your food and leaves without even a howdy do!!

I tried to calm myself with some zen uhmmmmmmming while concentrating on this magical sunrise that happened just as I was leaving Arizona.  Sometimes the sunrises can be more spectacular than the sunsets!!  

Now this ...... THIS ..... is the kind of kid you want hanging around your house.  Sweet, always says please and thank you, no dyed hare (see what I did there?) and doesn't beg for food nor dig huge holes in your yard for you to step in and break your leg.

THIS is what "I" get.  The rude kid with the snotty nose, barging right in, demanding gourmet food, not liking the smell of your perfume, who takes off without even TASTING the Costco baby back ribs in the back of the kitchen.  Apparently THIS one demands fillet mignon in the way of stinky tuna fish.  He didn't even take a bite to see if it was worthy.

All that makes me wonder if maybe this is the smaller of the two I caught previously.  It's entirely possible  that he already KNOWS about that kitchen catcher and isn't going to take a chance.  I think it's time to close the front door at the fence and at least make it more difficult for entry.  You want in?  You spend your time digging a big hole under the fence!!

It's also possible the smell of two other "friends" in the cage has put him off.  He may not want to sleep in the same hotel bed as others, if you know what I mean.

And so the fun continues!!

In the meantime, Cyndae and I, struck with spring fever, drove to a new-to-me plant nursery with more things stuffed into a city block than you could ever want.  Of course we wanted EVERYTHING!!  I was completely distracted the entire time, when all I needed was one bottle brush tree for my front yard.

We can discuss that later.  I'm off to check the camera ONE MORE TIME!!


  1. Maybe you need to air out the cover so he doesn't smell the others.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your visit with Cyndae.

    It's about time.

    1. Yup I think you are right. I'm getting a new tarp.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't he something? He would be even prettier if he were on someone else's property!!!

  3. Some people's kids!!! He'd rather break in, like you said, than use the proper door. Maybe he's vegetarian?

    1. Right???? No doubt he would rather make trouble!!