Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The SKUNK Saga Continues

Oh aren't they just so cute??   NO ... they are NOT!!    Hindsight is 20/20, unlike my vision that didn't see that guy behind my rose bushes.

There were signs .........

That night when I was out photographing the moon and I saw THREE skunks wandering through the neighborhood.

That morning when the dogs next door were barking at 4:30 and the chickens were screaming like crazy.  I thought to myself ..... there's a skunk in the chicken coop.  I must be telepathic ... anyway ...

That big hole in the flower bed that I thought Jessie was responsible for.

Those TWO big holes by the fence next to the RV.  It must be CATS!!

That BLACK CAT I saw duck behind the rose bush.  We have lots of cats in our neighborhood.

Even MORE holes dug in the LAWN!!!  It MUST be gophers!!  How could I be so blind??
I forewarned my hairdresser gal.  The good news is her salon is set up in her garage, so we jokingly opened both big doors.  Sweet girl that she is, she said she did not smell anything.  She even opened a bottle of perm solution and poured it on my hands which still retained the smell from washing Miss Jessie.  It worked!!  Maybe I should give Jessie a perm!!

I haven't had to deal with skunks since leaving the ranch.  I should have known!!  Unfortunately for me, Miss Jessie likes to snuggle up on the couch.  I tried to dissuade her, but she was having none of it.  I smelled skunk all morning long.  

My tuna sandwich even TASTED of skunk.  At one point I accidentally closed the door to the BATH room.  I discovered my mistake this morning.  OH MAN THAT'S STINKY!!  Apparently it's in the bathtub now.  I boiled three big pots of water, scoured the tub with Dawn and rinsed it down.  I should know if that worked by tomorrow.  Won't my guests be surprised!!!  I'll buy some of that Miracle stuff today.

Luckily, at least SO far, the sewing room remains stink free.  I was going to give this quilt away, but if the smell hangs around, I'll have to keep it.  Apparently the secret is to leave all the doors and windows open, should you ever need to know.
I figured I could at LEAST have salmon skunk-free for dinner.  After all, that lovely fish smell should cancel out everything.  Nope ..... tasted like skunk.  That smell is in my nose forever!!!  

Yes ... there were signs.

My plan today is to spend all my time on my phone.  Tomorrow is D-Day for my driver's license renewal.  I think I've already taken 25 practice tests, and 50 or so more can't hurt.  In the meantime, FELOPZD  EDFCZP.   Those are the IMPORTANT lines on the eye test!  Guess I better warm them about my perfume, odie parfume de skunk!!


  1. The smell will go away but in our minds it's just as powerful as when it happened.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the perm smell.

    It's about time.

  2. I love the perm smell! Takes me back to when I wanted a perm as a kid..For some reason it never took though :( But memories..I love that quilt..sure hope it can still be donated. Good to know your hairdresser didn't smell skunk. I have to agree with Rick here!

    1. I think the quilt will be fine. The smell from the sewing room has gone completely!

  3. Coffee just follow the recipe
    Next time you want to take check of your yard do it with a garden hose
    Skunks don't like water
    Or you could be like the little drummer girl pot or pan and the metal spoon OK so you'll wake up the neighbors but who gives a rats ass they're only neighbors

    1. I love BOTH suggestions and it looks like I will have a chance to try them!!

  4. You got it backwards it's DZPOLEF. PZCFED

  5. You will do just fine, and the skunk smell will go away soon...although California Skunks are by far the smelliest skunks on the planet.

    1. I did not know that about our skunks. How nice!!!!