Thursday, June 25, 2020

Guess Who Came To Breakfast!

I seriously doubted I would ever see those skunks again.  Boy was I wrong!  There was almost a disaster this morning about 4:15.  I let the dogs out first thing, as always.  As I was making my coffee, which I need to clear the cobwebs from my brain, I heard Cooper bark.

No biggie, he barks at his shadow.  Then I heard him REALLY bark.  Heavens to Betsy ... there must be someone in the back yard.  I grabbed my baseball bat and headed out.  Let me say, it's DARK at 0-dark-thirty, but I could see SOMETHING black in the rose bushes.  I screamed at Cooper, which I'm surprised didn't bring the Sheriff out.  It certainly set off all the dogs in the neighborhood.

Cooper cowered (luckily) and I picked him up, just in time to see Jessie run through my legs and head to the bushes.  I'm pretty sure it wasn't a cat.  Cats in the neighborhood know not to come in THIS yard.  Luckily Jessie can't see that well and she came back when I screamed at her.  I deposited them both in the house, then went back out.  Nothing ... nada.  Whatever it was was gone with no lingering skunk smell.  Who knows, maybe it was a real cat, not a civvy cat.  I'm awake NOW!!
My first item on yesterday's list was to pick up my new glasses.  Woohoo!!  Except I can't see with them.  I told her immediately I couldn't read, but my distance is wonderful!!  In order to read my phone, I have to put my head back and look out the very bottom quarter inch.  In two minutes my eyes hurt.

The problem is they did not measure me for these new glasses.  I asked her, but she said they would use the old glasses for placement.  Ummm those are at least two years old.  They'll be fine she said, but she was wrong.  They are awful, make my eyes hurt and I can't see to read anything.  The good news is they were only $120 which would be wonderful if they worked!!  I feel bad that they will have to remake them.

As a test of the eyesight, I drove the 20 miles to my favorite diesel station for fuel.  My apologies to Dave Burdick for not warning him of the horrible highway through Atwater.  The last time I looked, they were repairing the SIDES of Highway 99.  At this point, it is completely torn up, making you drive on the shoulder, which is even MORE bumpy.  No worries, I'm sure in five years it will be complete.

I do like driving the backroads of farmland around this area, although these roads haven't been repaired in possibly 50 years.  Some are so bad the asphalt has completely disappeared.  The views make it worth the bumps.
In no time I was lost.  I tried to look up the map on my phone, but couldn't read anything with the new glasses.  It was even worse without them!  Two dirt roads later, I drove through someone's back yard and found the highway.  

Diesel isn't too bad right now, but prices are going up as things open up.  Amazing, I was able to fill my pickup truck tank for $100.00.  I do LOVE this 50 gallon tank.
Not wanting to get lost in my own back yard, I took the more traveled road home.  It was up to 103 yesterday, forcing me to turn my AC on.  You know how cheap I am about paying for electricity.  It's showing 101 for the next three days.  Thank goodness I got the AC fixed in my truck!!  If it gets too hot, I'll just take the puppies for a ride.

I'm off to the optician again ...... 


  1. That happen to me a few times where they got the script wrong. Once they reversed it. I nearly fell over on the spot. It took going back to the Optician to find those problems. Glad those days are over.
    Had Laser Surgery done over Twenty Years ago because I was going blind. Then Cataract Surgery to get refocused two years ago.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Luckily all those things are available to help us see!! Sadly, they all fade away eventually, which is why I'm back to glasses.

  2. Yea, the road was torn up and we did drive on the shoulder which they tried to turn into a lane...but as long as they are working on making it better. Heck, only 5 years? In Florida it would 8-10. lol

    1. That's funny Dave!! What the heck takes them so long???

  3. Nice that the view in the country makes the bumps worth it. :)
    Sorry about the glasses, I was really hopeful! Good luck getting them corrected. The price is certainly right!

    1. The price couldn't be beat. If I can just get them fixed, I'll definitely be going back.

  4. Sorry Nancy I had to laugh on your glasses story. It reminded me years ago when my wife got a pair of progressive lenses in her glasses. Getting used to them she ended up walking into the pool.

  5. I know I need to go to the optometrist but I keep putting it off. I buy the readers at Dollar Tree day soon. Hopefully your skunk will decide to visit somewhere else! Gotta love the country roads, better than the freeways even with the bumps :)