Saturday, December 28, 2019

Somebody Turn The Heat Up Please?

My my my how a day can change.  Heavens to Betsy, someone turned the heat off.  Not only are we dealing with snow, California is now is the deep freeze.  Thirty one at my house, fogged in and frozen.  Can someone please turn the heat up?
It was all of 61 in my living room when I got up, requiring the immediate activation of the fireplace.  It's okay, because in no time, I'll be snuggling under a quilt with the puppies.

Speaking of quilts, as I usually am, here's another one with all the squares complete.  Not really visible, but it's a lovely shade of dark chocolate brown and gray.  It's also very modern, not terribly suited to COWBOY.  To be honest, cowboy is rather hard to find nowadays in fabric AND human form.  
It was a hard day to stay out of the fridge, what with marshmallows and cookies still lurking around the freezer.  I got rid of absolutely everything I could and am trying to get back in the groove.  I don't know how five pounds could come back so fast in two weeks when it takes three months to get it off!!  Grumble grumble grumble!!

I went to town for a quick haircut, then stopped by the vacationing Diane's house.  I thought I was only watching the two puppies.  Turns out there are 21 fish in a pond in the back yard, not to mention three fish in the countertop aquarium.  No problem ....... except wait ..... there are also two birds!!

I promptly spilled the parakeet water everywhere before refilling them and spilling even more.  Poor things were cowering in the corner!!  The fish got a tad of stinky dry food, along with the puppies who also required sustenance.  Then puppies and I spent 30 minutes getting pets and love on the couch.  

That done, I headed home, just in time to get a text message about a package having been delivered on the porch.  I drove BACK to the house and luckily found it before any porch pirates did.  It's now sleeping quietly in the garage.  No big deal, I'm just happy to give the puppies some love while Mom's gone for four days.

Today I'm putting my Chef hat back on and firing up my slow cooker for a pot roast.  Yes I could use the Instant Pot, but I'd rather smell that wonderful meat cooking all day long.  My boots should be delivered today, which means it's washing the rig time on either Sunday or Monday in the rain.  Won't THAT be fun!!

Stay warm everyone, I hear it's freezing from California clear to the East Coast!! 


  1. You're right it's cold everywhere! Waking up to 18 degrees for the 2nd day in a row with a high of 42 woohoo! I so agree about the goodies..I brought home a chocolate cream pie from my sister's. Was hoping the grandkids would eat such luck. So today I have a last piece w my coffee and it's going in the garbage. Getting back on the wagon, well after the requested biscuits and gravy this am! Thank goodness they're going home soon LOL!

    1. Yikes!!! That would chill me to the bone, in spite of all the extra shirts I put on!! Oooooh chocolate ... I couldn't turn that down either.

  2. Not good to leave anything sitting at the front door these days. There are Porch Pirates everywhere.
    Nice that you are taking care of Diane's pets.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler temperatures.

    It's about time.

    1. I caught one casing the neighborhood the other day. Anyone going slow gets the evil eye. He was slowing almost to a stop at every front door. He left when he saw me take a picture of him!!

  3. Yep it sure is cold here in Florida woke up to rain an 79°
    That's OK because somewhere somebody's gonna wake up to 6 inches of snow but it certainly won't be Mr. Nick and I
    It must be all the snowbirds that come down and and have heated up political conversations at the clubhouses
    If it does snow you can put it in a box and send it to Florida we could use it
    Actually send it to mr. Nick he can put it in the driveway he's got everything else in the garage I'm curious to know if he's got Snow skis in there

    1. Hahaha you're right about Nick's garage! LOL I'm going to send the snow to YOU, just because. At least it will only be 78 degrees then!

  4. I agree someone needs to turn the heat up! I was saying yesterday I thought Yuma was suppose to be the warmest spot in Arizona when I got reminded we are actually in Winterhaven, CA so that explains are cooler

    1. Aha ... I guess you are right! I keep saying that too, about it being warm in Arizona in the winter. I don't think that has happened to me yet!!

  5. Yup. The City of Yuma is warmer than Pilot Knob. We always bundle up to go to town then shed the jackets when we get there. Have a fun day with all those animals.

    1. That's weird ... it's in the same neighborhood!! LOL

  6. It is a toasty 10* here in Dillon, Mt. We had a heavy snowstorm over Christmas and it took several hours to dig out. Be sure to pack ice melt and a snow shovel for your trip.

    1. Oh my goodness!! Penelope that's WAY too cold for me!! I love the snow, I just don't want to be IN it!!

  7. It's 45 degrees F and windy in Tucson. I am currently waiting for my snowbird rebate because this is not the weather I signed up for!

    1. It was 30-somthing at my house. I totally agree. I didn't sign up for snow and cold in Tucson. Where's the sun????


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