Saturday, May 18, 2024

Light It Up!!

 Sixty to Eighty Five.  That was it ... our forecast for the day ... and a wonderful one it was.  It's almost enough to make me want to go outside and plant something.  The problem with that is I never know what to plant where, and it usually dies.  The last time I tried it I lost a $100 ornamental tree.  My black thumb showeth!!

Instead, I just fixed my diet breakfast.  That's avocado peaking out from under a scrambled egg that I share with Cooper every morning.  Yessirree ... all on top of a pieced of that seeded low carb bread.  I found that if I toast it to within an ounce of burnt, that it tastes a little better.  

How could I not share with my buddy who gives me this look.  Where's MINE, Mom?  Yes, all those little pieces on the plate have Cooper's name on them.

Face it ... he's spoiled.  But at 14, going on 15 ... he deserves it.  If you looked into those eyes, you would spoil him too!

The day started with a trip to Costco.  I don't go there much because it's not wallet friendly.  On this day however, they paid ME!!  I have a Costco cash back credit card.  Once a year they send you an email with the amount of cash back you will receive.  

Take that down to the store, buy something small (truly, there's nothing small) and you get all that money back in your pocket.  I picked up D batteries for my flashlights, AA batteries (did you know Kirkland now has their own brand of batteries?), a roasted chicken of course and some dehydrated onions.  That's it ... can you believe it?  Oh yes, I did a walkby of the prepared food stuff, and even picked up one package.  Amazingly, I dropped it.  DIET Nancy ... think DIET!!

Checkout was slow, but it was worth it.  I came home with $400 cash in my pocket.  Not bad, eh??

That's when I spotted it.  An epic fire ... unusual in our area.  Apparently someone decided to light it up!!  Or maybe it was some of those lithium batteries.  THIS is our local dump where they have no fire fighting equipment.  I think smoke from the last fire they had ten years ago was still seen occasionally.  Fire around here gets down into the ground and will burn for months, even years.  

Apparently the County leased out the property and the services ... no longer a County run operation.  I'm betting the EPA is having a heart attack right about now.

I was one step ahead of Patsy (that never happens), who recommended getting rid of the burger bun.  The buns come with the Hello Fresh meal ... and you know me, I hate to throw things away, so I ate the first one.  For the SECOND one, I decided to try the lettuce wrap thing.  

I bet I haven't bought head lettuce in 30 years.  Here's my tiny Thai sweet chili burger on a HUGE lettuce leaf.  

I plopped down some sauce, some chili and some onions crisps, wrapping it up like a Christmas package.  You know what?  It was DELICIOUS!!  Not only is it carb free, but probably much healthier for you.  It wasn't the least bit messy (which I expected) and the crunch was awesome.  Okay then ... lettuce wraps it is!!

I literally sat around the rest of the day trying to rest up.  I was thinking I might have sleeping sickness, an old cattle disease that we always vaccinated for.  I finally got up enough gumption to light it up!!  One more thing I got at Costco were these solar lights for the back yard.  

There were six in the box, so I put them in two different spots.  Hey ... this looks pretty nice, though I'm sure the ones under the tree probably won't work so well without direct sun.  I may have to move those.  And then it hit me!!  I could buy some of those cheap rope lights at Harbor Freight and string them along the fence line.  

You know, the same ones I used under the RV for several years in Arizona.  I could light up the entire yard and even have a light show going on since you can program them to flash.  How annoying would THAT be?  

I'm off to Harbor Freight!!!!


  1. Your yard lights look so nice and so did your lettuce wrap !

    1. The thing about the lettuce wrap is you feel good for not eating the bun!

  2. Those yard lights look amazing. You have a beautiful yard.
    Happy Saturday!

    1. I have a BIG yard Frances! Hoping it doesn't overwhelm my gardener!

  3. Food and a light show - PERFECT!!

  4. Love the solar lights. Adds some nice ambiance to your yard.

    1. I need more ... not that I'm out in the yard often, but I do like landscaping lights a lot!

  5. Solar lights save the power bill and look so pretty

    1. That was my thought Joanne .... no extra power bill.

  6. Yay, the lettuce wrap!! Told you!! 🤗
    What brand is your low carb seeded bread? I can't believe you don't like it! How many carbs is it?
    I love the lights too and the string lights will be great out there too!