Friday, May 3, 2024

Cindy De Mayo Celebration ... Early

Good Morning from sunny California who has decided once again to be sunny California.  Boy are we enjoying this fabulous 70 degree weather, including Mr. Cooper.  Bright and early we were out running through the wet grass chasing after the B A L L.  You can't say that word very loud around here.

I mean really, what could be better than waking up to snuggles from a sweet face like this?   Don't answer that.

It didn't take long before the banging began.  It was so windy they were having a hard time keeping the walls upright.  They were swaying in the breeze a LOT until one crashed to the ground.  They just put it back up and added more supports.  I might be nervous if I was that homeowner.  They used huge wedges to make the ends meet where they wanted them too, before nailing.  Bang bang bang!!  It sound like a Wild West gunfight!!

Well except for the musica!  The boom boom boom of their loud Mexican music outshone my television inside my house, even though all the doors and windows were closed.  I finally went out, stuck my head over the fence and asked if they could get any COUNTRY music on that boom box.  They laughed!!

Yeah, it's kind of looking like a two story.  I rather thought the entire end would be a garage, but it's looking like house now.  And so I was serenaded for the entire day, the perfect setup for Cannot de Mayo.

Most of that time was spent looking for a landscaper who can repair the wiring to four of my garden lights that were devastated by the last gardener.  None of them are working, wires all cut at the base.  I also contacted the Weed Man once again about the dead grass repair, but got nowhere.  I may just have to have it all fixed and send them the bill.

Lunch was minimal since it was our Lodge Concho de Mayo Celebration night.  Oh yes ... another meeting night.  But first ... let's try one of those berry bundt cakes that came with the last order.  This is the free one, similar to the pineapple cake.  

It really was quite tasty, though there were no berries to be seen in spite of the picture showing mucho berries.  No matter, it hit the spot.

I'm not sure why, but I had been asked early on to sell tickets for this event.  Wasn't I surprised to find the entire room covered from top to bottom with Chronic de Mayo decorations.  

As you can tell, my spell check is having a field day.  I decided to leave them in, just to prove computers are NOT soarer than humans!  Ummmm .... that's SMARTER my friend.

So here I am at the table.  I don't do this often enough and had a heck of a time getting the handheld machine to work.  I love it when they pay cash.  144 people later, I finally got in line.  I'm the ticket taker, so am always last to eat.  Sometimes that doesn't work out too well for me, and last night was a good example.

They had barbecued chicken thighs, carne asada, beans, rice and tortillas for $20.00.  I wish I had my $20.00 back.  The asada was SO very tough and the chicken raw.  They ran out and threw some on at the last minute, trying to keep up.  The rice was gone well before I got in line and I think they added water to extend the refried beans.  But I got TWO tortillas.  I always RAVE about the food, but this night was a little less than desired.  It's okay, I didn't need more calories anyway.

The meeting was a quick one after swearing in one more trustee to help with the workload.  YAY!!  Little does he know what he's in for!! 

Today will include more work in the yard if I can get my act together.  Oh to be 40 again!!!



  1. Mr. Ed said there’s no reason why you should cover the cost Looks like it might be time to call the county, an attorney /insurance company. Better business bureau, They’ve been known to lite fires under pesticide landscapers. As
    as for the handyman why don’t you try Facebook marketplace (services) or you could brush up on your Spanish and go ask the framing crew next door if they know any reliable Chicanos,

  2. That company needs to be turned in if they don't pay to fix your yard.

    1. I have new information today, and I'm sure they will fix it.

  3. Maybe it is a large vaulted ceiling? Fingers crossed, but it sure looks to be a two story...

    1. I keep praying for that Dave. So far I can't see a garage at all. I think it's all house!!

  4. What the hell you shouldn't be paying the bill, that doesn't sound right to me.

    1. I'm sure I won't end up paying for it, it's just going to take time.