Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Is It A full Moon???

 I just love it when I have computer problems.  Especially when I'm still half asleep.  On this lovely morning, it would not let me TYPE.  I could add pictures all I wanted, but it would not type.  I shut down, I rebooted ... with a swift kick in the butt ... and now it types, but won't publish.  Is it a full moon?

Here's one for you OLD folks like me ... anyone remember Black Sambo's restaurant?  We had one in our small town that had the best pancakes.  We rarely got to go there, other than the once a year trip after church.  Do you remember these wooden nickels?

In scrounging through more of my "stuff", I found six of these.  I think I have mentioned I'm giving a lot of things away to a fellow Bingo volunteer who owns an antique shop.  Better to have these things sold to someone who will appreciate them than to have them end up in the trash.  Here was a shocker ... his father actually OWNED the Sambo's Restaurant in our town.  He went crazy ... and said his Mom will steal these from him the second she sees them.  How fun is that?

Before heading out to the Dungeon of the Magic Kingdom, I finished off the last of the hamburger patties. this one I just fried, smoking up the house quite nicely.  I really have to get that barbecue cleaned up.  This time I put Thai sweet chili sauce on it.  What a difference in flavor.  I have to admit though, this is probably the last lettuce burger you will ever see.  It took 15 minutes to clean up the mess left on the floor.

And so ended my calm quiet morning as I headed out to the Magic Kingdom of Bingo.  That's weird ... there was a truck parked in the middle of the widest road in town.  It looked like he was making a deliver to the Elks Lodge ... blocking my entrance.  What's up with that?

Well here's the full moon doing it's thing right in front of us.  This is a big tractor trailer rig, just driving down the street minding his own business when CRASH!!!!  His trailer caught a low hanging branch.  Not a small branch, but one over 15 inches across.  It broke off the tree and came down between the cab of the truck and the front of the trailer.  The other end caught up on the electrical lines just above.  

This is just the craziest thing I've ever seen.  He couldn't move, nor could six men move the branch.  Obviously the City needs to prune their trees a bit more.  When I got there the truck driver had been sitting for 30 minutes waiting for someone to help.  And so my calling for help began.

I called the Police Department.  No answer.  I called the Fire Department.  No answer.  I really didn't want to call 911 because it wasn't like it was an emergency, but they were blocking the street at close to 5:00 traffic hour.  Nothing ... I got nothing.

After six tries, I finally got the County Fire Department who said they could not help.  Could you at least give me a City Fire phone number?  Nope .. not happening.

Like six more calls and another 30 minutes later, I finally got an operator who took down the info and said it had been called in.  GREAT!  It's been an hour.  When do you think they might show up?

No kidding ... another 45 minutes it was before the City Police Department showed up.  So what are THEY going to do?  Nothing except sit here for ANOTHER 30 minutes waiting for the Fire Department to bring a chainsaw.  Good grief ... good thing it wasn't an emergency!

That certainly didn't bode well for Bingo!!  For the most part it went okay as we whipped those folks through the line like wildfire.  Amazingly, we saw nothing but happy faces.  Maybe all the bad JuJu went away with the truck.  Here's the extremely rare RED TICKETS that cause so much trouble.  

There will be a hiccup with these since the company that produces the pull tabs we give away if your ticket number is called, will stop making them next month.  At this point we really have no idea what we will replace them with.  Maybe a ticket for a free hamburger?  

Even more changes are coming down the pike.  Our Speed Coverall games are being discontinued also.  It's not one, but TWO of our games, so I guess we will have to pick two NEW games from the supplier.  That should be fun ... changing up the program for 133 folks who don't like change!!

Here I am keeping track of the games played and PAID.  We had six new players on this night who thought it was the old fashioned Kids Bingo.  It's so hard to explain these are how your cards have to look in order to win.

The rest of the night went well.  I had the chicken tenders for dinner that caused instant indigestion.  Those things are like dynamite!!  They go down so good and then BAM!!!  They hit you like you swallowed some TNT!

Sadly the Infernal Machine pulled one on me this time ... full moon and all.  I couldn't balance to save me.  No worries though, I was only $3.00 off and I'm sure it was all that change that hit my table.  This time of the month is Piggy Bank Breaking time.  We already spent all our money and don't get paid until the first.

Landscapers are due to show up this morning for the edging project.  I'm hoping the full moon tonight will wait to share it's full force of mayhem.  Wish me luck!!


  1. Yep the full moon will do it every time!
    Enjoy your Wednesday.

    1. I think that's just so funny, though the truck driver didn't think so!!

  2. I was sitting at the counter in Sambo's about 50 yrs. ago.
    2 motorcycle cops came in and sat near me talking about a grizzly murder in the early morning. After work I saw on tv the news of Bob Crane from Hogans Hero's had been killed.

    1. WOW!!! Now THAT is a MEMORY! I didn't really know Sambo's was so prevalent.

  3. Replies
    1. It was a great pancake/breakfast restaurant back in the 50's and 60's. Really good food!

  4. I didn't know it was a restaurant, only know Little Black Sambo from a tv show, i think. Those little ceramic boys that sat on old brick house steps. 😉

    1. That's it Patsy. The two owners used the Little Black Sambo story as their namesake and logo for the restaurant chain.

  5. Much better than Dennys if I remember correctly!

  6. I remember Sambos, but don't think I've ever been there. What a gift for your friend though!
    What a mess with that semi.

    1. He was amazed that I had those tokens. Said he hasn't seen any since their business closed down in the 60's. I felt bad for the truck driver too. It was a nice truck!!!