Thursday, October 5, 2023

It Was A Slam Dunk!

One of the nice ladies at Bingo the other night said an oft repeated statement.  You've gotta do what you've gotta do when you live alone.  She is SO right!!  Winter is coming, although pretty slowly since today is going to be in the 90's!  These gutters have to be tended to.  It's not my favorite job, you know, like cleaning the baseboards is, but all the joints are leaking.  If not fixed with something, the boards underneath will rot.  It's just another honey-do with no honey to do it.  

Do you like my pretty copper gutters?  They are fake.  How disappointing to find they are just painted.

I drug out the ladder, being extra careful of my back.  Honestly, if I don't do something stupid, I don't feel it at all now.  Climbing the ladder was a piece of cake, but holding on while spraying that rubber stuff left-handed was a little tricky.  Hopefully it works.  I got two done before calling it quits.  No use throwing dirt in the devils face and taking extra chances. 

Here's another one I've been putting off.  Washing the carpets Cooper plays on.  Here's my tip of the day.  I had some towels that were disgustingly dirty, along with a hot pad full of smoky greasy rib juice from the smoker.  I heard something about using a bit of Dawn, so instead, I used THIS!  I was absolutely amazed.  They came out looking brand new.  So why not try it on the carpet??

WOW!!  It came out clean as a whistle ... and smells nice too!  Wasn't there a commercial like that?  There is a caveat to this.  I just learned this morning that it works great as a spot cleaner, but be careful how much you use in the machine.  This stuff is really concentrated and can make enough suds to fill your entire house if you use too much.  It would not be fun cleaning up the sudsy floor.  

It's AIR BAG time.  While on the way back from Tucson to Quartzsite, I noticed the truck was lopsided.  I had noticed some shimmy while driving, but thought it was just the big trucks coming up behind me.  Apparently one air bag was completely flat.  I had to let the air out of the other one so as not to mess up my truck or the fifth wheel.  That usually destroys the bag ... towing when the bags are empty.

Off I went to the guys who installed them.  I like this shop ... the guys that work there are very nice and helpful.  They don't try to pull something on you cuz you're a female.  It's kind of a dangerous place to go however ... it's right next to Hobby Lobby!!  Oh the temptation!!  

The right side bag was just fine and still held air.  They discovered the left one had a leak at the tube going into the top.  They tightened it up and took several pictures.  YAY!!  It's covered by warranty.  They said if it did it again, bring it back in and they will replace the entire setup.  Woohoo!!  

Back home to a very happy pooch ... it's nice to get that kind of welcome every time ... my phone started going off.  My realtor hired E^2 Construction Engineering to check for those tie downs.  My faith in companies providing actual SERVICE has been bolstered yet again.  

Not only did he find the tie downs, he took a little camera on a stick and pushed it up between the walls of the garage and the building, magically finding that little metal tag with the serial number on it.  He took a picture and certified BOTH tags.  That was above and beyond service.  

Their report stated in no uncertain terms that every part of the outbuildings, as well as the house itself, were in excellent condition and met every standard there was for FHA or HUD loans.  It was a SLAM DUNK!!!  Talk about a big relief!!  I could have kissed that inspector!!!

And so I ended my day with a big sigh of relief.  Oh wait ... the appraisal report is supposed to come in today.  I think I'll hold off until I get that one!!


  1. Becareful on that ladder kiddo!
    So glad inspection report came back clear.
    Praying for a good appraisal.

  2. One more hurdle for you to get through...let's hope the 'buyer' can get through his hurdle of financing the place!

    1. He was prequalified and provided proof he had a down payment, so .... fingers crossed!

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  4. Nice to get some good news now and again. Hope the rest of the sale goes as smoothly!

  5. I am definitely going to be outside with my camera set up. It may be a little far away, but I'm watching anyway. Thank you so much for the reminder!!!

  6. Great to pass inspection. One big worry gone. Now if the man you're selling the house too, has the money, you'll be set. Good luck 👍