Sunday, July 3, 2022

Racking The Ribs

If you're going to celebrate the 4th of July, you should do it up right!  Especially since the weather has cooled off to a perfect 54 degrees this morning, with an expected high of 85.  WOOHOO!!!  Mother Nature's timing is excellent this year, especially in light of the fact I will be selling fireworks outside for three hours in the late afternoon.  

Smoking or barbecuing something from a cow would be a great choice.  Personally, I prefer pig.  Take this baby back rib for example.  Three racks at Costco were something like $45.  When I stopped in the store, this ONE rack of the exact same brand was $35 ... just for ONE!  I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of leftover ribs in the freezer case because who can afford that?  

Luckily, I had one more rack from Costco stashed in the freezer.  Step One ... remove the tough membrane.  

Step Two, rub it all over with mustard.  Weird I know, but it doesn't add flavor, only tenderness and it makes the rub stick to the meat.

Cover in your favorite seasoning and place them in the fridge overnight uncovered.  This morning I'll take them out an hour in advance to warm up a little before stashing them in the smoker.  Low and slow it is, a total of 4 hours at 220.  My mouth is watering already!!

Next up, you should make a nice salad of some kind.  Don't buy that premade yellowish stuff at the store.  There's no telling WHEN those potatoes were cooked.  If you must, at least add real eggs and a green onion or two.  It's still nothing like homemade, but you won't have 80% of it left over to take home and throw away.  If you make it, be sure and use REAL Mayo.  Come on, it's only once a year, it won't kill your diet and it tastes so much better!!

As I wandered the kitchen making sure I had all the necessary ingredients, the doorbell rang.  That's weird.    No one comes around here ... it must be a salesman.  I was ready with my best No-Thank-You smile.  Wasn't I surprised to find my neighbor holding this.  She has the most fabulous lady-of-the-Nile plants.  They are huge, at least 4 foot tall, with all 15 of them in full bloom.  

She is Halo's Mom and of course he came with her.  I actually let Cooper out the door without a leash and they played in the yard.  That's a first ... Cooper didn't run away chasing the latest new smell.

All that playing wore him out pretty quickly.  He crashed on the couch shortly after!!

I admired the flowers and worked on this quilt, finishing up the first border.  I have to admit this fabric that I dislike so much because it's so very thin and stretchy with crazy colors, came out looking pretty nice.  It's even nicer in person!!  Borders will go on next. 

For dinner, I decided to celebrate the 4th in style with a pound of bacon.  Instead of greasing up my barbecue or my toaster oven, I decided to try out the air fryer.  In 30 minutes it was done to perfection.  To make it even better, the cleanup was a breeze.  Fastest bacon cooking ever and no greasy stove.  

With huge fresh tomatoes from Mexico on the shelves (I won't tell you what I had to pay for one) I put together a bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwich.  Anyone had one recently?  They used to be a staple around the ranch.  Not exactly 4th of July colors ... in fact I'm celebrating Hungary here ... Red Green and White with a little bacon thrown in.  

It was delicious.  Not exactly the sandwich of old since the tomatoes didn't come from our garden, but excellent none the less.  That pound of bacon won't go very far, but I'll enjoy ever bite.

After smoking those ribs this morning, I'll be heading out to the Fireworks booth for some fun.  The prices last year were crazy high, and I'm sure they will be even worse this year.  I doubt we'll be selling much, but it's always a kick to pick up the tab here and there and see the kids smile.

Hope you are having a great weekend!!


  1. We are cooking a large bone-in pork butt for a pulled pork dinner for the 4th. Have it all spiced up with that special $hit you turned us onto, and will put into the crock pot around 4 pm for a 20+ hour slow cook. This one is a very special butt because it came with ear plugs, which will come in very handy later in the night. (What am I saying, the fireworks have been going off each and every night for the past week!)

    1. My question is where do they get all the money to pay for those fireworks every night??

  2. When it comes to ribs, we go with pork as well!

    1. One of these days I'll try beef ribs just to see if I can make them edible!!

  3. Oh that bacon, tomato sandwich has my mouth watering!!
    We will have to have that soon,yum.
    I must have missed it, what is the special seasoning
    for meat and where do I buy it? Please.
    Have a safe 4th everyone 🎉🇺🇸
    Linda a.

    1. There are two seasonings. The one Dave is talking about is Bad Ass $hit and/or Bull $hit, found at a little store in the mountains. They have quite a bit of pepper. For pork, I like Pig Powder ... just google the names and they will come up.

    2. From Amazon you can get this (which is what I did)