Friday, February 25, 2022

Bulls, Burgers and OH BOY!!

It's a balmy 29 degrees this morning.  Go to Arizona in the winter they said.  It's WARM they said!!  Just not yesterday and today, nor the next three days.  It's a good thing Arizona electricity is so inexpensive because my heater is getting a good workout!

So back to the last few rides of the rodeo.  This bull was probably the best bucker in the herd.  He came out looking for a fight!!

Unfortunately for the cowboy, this guy was a twisting fool and a spinner to boot.  It's very hard to ride something this big, moving that fast and turning in circles constantly.  The cowboy didn't make 8 seconds. I don't think he even made four.

All the bulls are rated for their toughness and bucking capabilities.  Cowboys keep close eye on how many times a bull has been ridden and exactly how they buck.  How do they choose which guy rides which bull?  The names of bulls are put in a hat and each man draws his ride.  Some consider themselves lucky to pick the #1 or #2 rated bull because if ridden, they will score much higher points, possibly winning the money.

Here's a good example of the clowns saving a life.  They actually run right in front of the bull to distract it from the guy on the ground.  Now THESE guy have ..... well you know.  There's just as good a chance they will get stomped into the ground.  All three clowns here are heading right for the bulls head to distract him.

Here the clown actually puts his hand on the bulls forehead to get his attention off the rider and on to him.  Anything to save the rider.

And once again, jumping in front of the bull to draw it away from the cowboy.  The adrenaline rush for them must be beyond imagination.

Last one ... that's the cowboy in a pile on the ground while the clown jumps in front of the bucking bull with horns of steel that can gore you to death, which is why they all wear kevlar vests.  Great to watch, but can be SO scary!  Thankfully at this rodeo there really were not any bad accidents and everyone walked away on two feet.  I could tell you all my bull encounter stories, but nothing holds a candle to bull riding at a rodeo!!

Back to everyday life ... friend Pat (best friend of the Chance Patty) is moving and downsizing.  She asked if I needed a cutting table.  Sure enough, I have a big space in my sewing room.  So with Dan's help and his much bigger truck, off we went to deep in the heart of Tucson to pick it up.

Weren't we surprised to see this guy tromping through a back yard.

He has obviously tried to escape ... look at the big concrete blocks propped up against every steel pole.  You never know what you'll see in Arizona!

We located Pat's house and the table was ready to go.  It was rather awkward to move since some parts had wheels and some did not, as well as the two big sides fold down.  Dan and I got it loaded with little problem.

BUT ... to UNLOAD the thing, Dan needed sustenance.  There's not much better sustenance than the BBQ bacon charburger with sweet potatoes fries!!

They just make the best burger EVER!!  Back at my house, we got the table unloaded, but getting it through the door was a chore.  It's all set up now and I have a place to trim those huge quilts.  OH BOY!!

In the meantime, lots of other great expensive things have been happening around here, but I'll hold off until tomorrow.  Think stinky!!


  1. I think we have a Habit Burger in the area. I need to find it. Those clowns are amazing. I had no idea what they do. "Think stinky"...LOL. Elva

  2. Nancy need/want a cutting table? Of course she does!

    Good luck with septic tank thing...

    1. Exactly ... never turn down anything that's free, and here's the thing ... I was going to get one anyway!! Pat was wonderful to give it to me.

  3. They are building a Habit restaurant close by. I've eaten at one a few years back and enjoyed it. I'm trying to think if Arizona has inexpensive electricity. We certainly use a lot of it in the summer and went to solar a few years back to help cut costs (it did). I guess if we lived some place like Southern California, what we used here would cost probably triple there than what it does here :)


    1. When I'm gone from my house in California, my electric bill still runs $200 a month. Here, with my AC running practically day and night, it never goes over $150. Of course California includes the cost of the lawsuits they lost over burning down the city of Paradise. Yes, we are paying for that.

  4. Those clowns sure do have, nerves!
    That giant 🐢!!has me stunned. Amazing how big he is!
    Nice save on the table.

    1. They have desert tortoises here but I've never seen one that big. I'm guessing he came from some other country.