Saturday, September 25, 2021

Ant Wars and Pig Powder

Good Morning from my patio as I sip a wonderful cup of coffee, trying to recover from a nightmarish night.  Seriously, where in the heck do all these crazy dreams come from?  This one started with the sighting of a huge bengal tiger crossing the desert.  I ran to a big building standing alone, a truck repair shop.  

Of course the shop doors had the tiniest of locks that wouldn't keep out a mouse.  I ran upstairs looking for  someplace to hide and found a room already full of people hanging from the walls.  The tiger sauntered by looking through the window.  When we got the all clear, I raced outside to get my truck and escape.

Where's my truck?  Apparently I left it parked too long.  It was wrecked, so they towed it away.  The nice guys in the parking structure (?) told me the insurance company replaced it with another.  YAY!!  Except IT got towed because I left it there too long.  About that time the tiger returned to the parking structure and I woke up.  I need a stronger sleeping pill!!

Here's an interesting shot of the biggest ant hill I'm fighting.  Hard to see, but if you touch it, ants come to the surface by the millions!!  Otherwise, you don't even know they are there.

Then I noticed several dark spots like this.  This is where they have been dumping the dead bodies from the Amdro.  I guess it's working, but slowly.  

I found out everyone in the neighborhood has the same problems.  Maybe due to no rain for so long, we have all been inundated.  It's not going to help that my neighbor has decided to build a small swimming pool in their back yard.  I'm hoping their crop of ants stay on their side.

Next up ... fix the front light fixture that has been winking at me for the last few days.  For whatever reason, this one is always full of spider webs.  I thought they liked dark spaces!  Even after cleaning, the bulb kept going on and off, so I replaced it.  As far as I can remember, these three bulbs have been going and going like the Energizer Bunny for three years straight.  I never turn it off, so I can't complain, but I guess I need to buy new bulbs.

In the meantime, I started up the smoker for some more delicious chicken.  This time I used Pig Powder.  Jim Tabb created this stuff and won the Best Rub On The Planet.  What better recommendation can you have?  His daughters have won dozens of State, National and World barbecue championships with it also.  

Although I would probably use a lot more rub on beef than I did on this chicken, it turned out delicious!!  This is probably the best tasting rub I've ever used.  It's not cheap, nor is the shipping, which is why I bought two bottles to get a better deal.  It was worth it!!

With dinner done, I spent a couple of hours finishing up the hardest part of this quilt.  Now to stitch it together and add borders.  I finally took pictures of the quilts I will be selling.  Although I have several here, most of them are yet to be quilted.  Once I get rolling on the new longarm in January, I will have many more.

The best news yet is I finally have a haircut appointment.  No more scaring the little kids with my doo!!  If I have time this week, I'm even putting some Halloween decorations out.  My butler guy probably scares me more than the kids.  I'm not used to seeing a MAN in my house.  I'm actually kind of hoping they get stolen this year so I don't have to store them in the garage any more!!


  1. Gotta love the name, "Pig Powder"! Quilts are beautiful! Those ants are crazy! Funny about the Halloween decorations, I can't believe how many are out already in our travels.

    1. Apparently Pig Powder is very well known back East. I can see why now that I've used it.