Sunday, September 26, 2021

My Cheeky Lizard and Quilts

Every morning when I wander outside with Cooper to the cool 60 degree air (it's been cooler by the day), I run into my cheeky little lizard friend.  He lives at the corner of my house under a big bush.  When he was smaller, he would run down the sidewalk and freeze.  

One day he ran right at me.  I danced around and screamed like a little girl!  It looked too much like a snake I guess!!  He's pretty shy, and up until now, refused to have his photo taken. 

This time, as he clung to the gutter drain, he didn't budge an inch.  He was either basking in the sun to complete oblivion, or he was so full from dinner he couldn't move.  What a beauty he is!!  Cooper walked right by and didn't even smell him .. let alone see him.  Of course like me, Cooper's eyesight leaves a lot to be desired.

So here are the first few quilts looking for a home.  These will all be first come first served.  Send an email to me at and we'll talk price.  Probably the most expensive is $125, so we're not talking big bucks.  If at all possible, I will stuff it into one of those Post Office $15 or $20 boxes.  I'm not sure what they run now, so I'll check it out.  Running it through the dryer on low will fluff it back up.  By the way, they make excellent doggie blankets.  Just ask Cooper ... he has three small ones he loves.

Most all have 80-20 polyester batting or Bamboo batting (lighter weight).  Wash in warm or cold water on delicate and dry with low to medium heat.

This is Squares ... 63" x 80"

I just wanted you to see the quilting on this one because it shows up so well.

Filmstrip ... great for a teenager or the young at heart.  It's pretty big at 84" x 106"

Pinwheels ... 56" x 68".  This one is very lightweight.

Violets ... 58" x 66"

Windmills ... this one is in Arizona, so you would have to wait until January to receive it.  80" x 84"

Also in Arizona ... Pink Crosses 46" x 70"

Eureka (because it came from Eureka) ... 70" x 72"   This one is actually purple, light grey and dark grey.  

Honestly, you would think pattern makers would make them a little more consistent in size, but practically every single one is different in measurement.  

When I get back to Arizona, I'll have more, including most of the 14 that are ready to quilt when I get there.  I'll take pictures today and post a couple more tomorrow.  

I think today will be veg-out-on-the-couch day to watch some baseball!!  Believe it or not, San Francisco has won more games than any team in baseball.  I think that's a first!!  


  1. Anxious to see a few more...will let you know.

    Good luck with Pumpkin Patch...I assume this weekend is the grand opening for the year. At least it is cooler...some mornings are even just a bit nippy.

    1. I will have lots more!!! Yes, this weekend coming up is the big opening. They are having a 65 booth vendor fair ... now THAT will be fun!!

  2. Just an FYI on the quilts for shipping. Get a white trash bag and put the folded quilt in it (fold as small as you can). This is the "fun" part. Get your vacuum and put the wand attachment on it, put it in the trash bag and using your left hand gather the trash bag close to the base of the wand. Turn the vacuum on & suck all the air out, which will compact the quilt even more. Once it sucks as much air out, slide the bag off, keeping it closed tight & shut vacuum off. Twist the bag closed and tape the end down....hope all this makes sense. I used to sell on Etsy and this was an easy way to "compact" items for cheaper shipping. The quilt should fit in a medium to large shipping box from the post office. Liz (Boise, ID)

    1. Thank you so much Liz! This is a great idea to get those shipping costs down!!! I never would have thought of this idea.