Saturday, June 19, 2021

A Quick Trip Today

The weather guessers finally got close.  The predicted 111 degrees yesterday turned out to be 107 on my patio.  That's pretty warm, without even a wisp of a breeze.  I did a once-around the back yard to be sure nothing was dying, just in time to catch this beauty slumped over to the ground.  Apparently the drip system was again cut in half.  I watered her for 30 minutes, and voila!!  How it came back like this is amazing.

The day Lilys looked a little sad also, so I spent the good part of an hour checking all the lines.  Three more cut in half.  Today I'm buying all new supplies and charging the sprinkler guys for my time.

This beauty required nothing.  I'm sure the roots are all on the lawn side, scarfing up all the water it can.

The entire morning, I thought about how nice and cool Alaska would be.  We headed down the road on June 6 past lake after lake.  I could have sat in this turnout for hours watching the snow melt.  I will warn you, the road is long and STEEP!  I was leery of the 6% grades and when we hit several 10's, I held my breath.  But the last road into town .... this is steep, winding and goes on forever!

Luckily you are totally distracted by the scenery on the way.  We passed lake after lake of jaw dropping beauty.

This was early morning light, captured as we were driving by.  It was hard to pay attention to the road.  I wanted to stop every half mile, but there are only a few turnouts.  Getting down was an adventure ... and I didn't care if I ever got back out.  

It's interesting to note the way I take pictures now is from a different point of view than then.  You are so overwhelmed by the beauty and scenery that you just click away.  We arrived at our privately owned RV park (of which I have no pictures) where we stayed for the duration of our time in Skagway.  When Patty and Dan worked for the Corringtons, they stayed at this spot where employees were given hookups.  Thanks to the wonderful generosity of the Corrington family, we stayed there too.

Our park is to the left in this image, next to the creek you can't see.  Way over to the right, that little inlet is where the cruise ships come in, as well as the ferries that bring every bit of food and supplies for the people who live here.

Here's a bird's eye view (not my picture).  People who came here by ship from San Francisco heading to find gold, landed in the exact same spot ... in the wintertime!!  They needed to buy supplies and head up and over those mountains you see at the skyline.  Hardy souls those people.  

Skagway had by far the most beautiful views coming and going.  As you can see, their economy depends completely on the cruise ships.  This last year has been tough on them.  There is a train that still runs here that is a must ride, but I'll get to that later.

Here's a quick glimpse of town with almost all original buildings still standing.   If you don't drive here, you should jump on one of the cruise liners and stop for a visit.  I promise you won't be disappointed.  The history just hangs in the air.

So I'm off early this morning to the Elks Lodge to prepare another epic breakfast, this time for the Dad's.  Every Dad gets to eat free tomorrow for Father's Day.  Someone has to cook, so this one of the dirty thirty will be there.


  1. The flowers look good during the heat.

    1. Thank you! I'm surprised they are still alive!!! Apparently they like a little warm.

  2. A Great-Great Uncle owned the Hotel there in Skagway, a haunted hotel I am told. Met his granddaughter while we were there, what a blessing that was.

    Had some Hydrangeas in Arkansas and that thing could look dead, give it some water, and within an hour it is as healthy looking as ever.