Sunday, March 28, 2021


It was a beautiful day ... sunny with a little breeze, unlike the Vail Gale blowing pollen everywhere.  Elva and Jerry are parked in Tucson for a family visit, so they stopped by to see my new rig.  This is a picture from last month when I visited them.  

We first met where every good RV'er hangs out ... at the laundry in Yuma!  That's Jerry in the window taking the picture!!  I first discovered them on Facebook because not only was the name Jerry Shannon familiar, but he looked like the owner of Shannon Pump ... a cattle ranch mainstay.  Turns out I was wrong.  Different Jerry Shannon.  No matter, we hooked up and have become great friends.  

Although I'm leaving today, I was lucky to contact Elva, Jerry and Doug Laning for a visit.  Of course Yuma came too!  Now you KNOW Jessie would not be having this, so she and Cooper are locked away in the bathroom.  Yuma had the run of the house and made good use of all those idle hands that rubbed his back.

 The talk centered around my truck and whether or not it would make it over the hills.  Jerry is a long time excellent truck driver, not to mention RV's and pickups, and I learned a lot.  To make it even better, he promised if I got in trouble somewhere, just to call him and he would show up to help.  You can't ask for more than that!!!

I also have to give it up big time to Mr. Chance who always answers my dumb questions and comes up with solutions to my problems.  I'm very thankful for the help all of you give me.

Back to our visit, needless to say when Yuma snuck back to the back room, Cooper and Jessie came unglued.  After my visitors departed, Cooper spent 30 minutes following every step Yuma took in the back yard and around the house.

So this morning I'll be loading up the last of the kids.  It's a good thing I ate most of what was in the freezer because the dog's food takes up the entire space.  No worries, I left four hotdogs in the fridge for lunch and dinner, two days.  That should get me home.

I did have an offer from friend Cyndae to fly in to Tucson and ride home with me.  Trouble is she would have to lay in the back with the puppies,  There's WAY too much stuff taking up all the room on the passenger side.  Add to that sleeping on the dinette table area, about 5' square.  PLUS, I would have to pick her up at the airport at 10:30 at night.  That's WAY past my bed time with the chickens.  Next time I'll call her sooner.

The worst part of this trip will be BACKING into a spot at the RV Park in Quartzsite.  They didn't have my pull-through spot available.  UGH!!!  NOT looking forward to THAT!!  Wish me luck!!!  I'm OFF!!


  1. Safe travels today Nancy! I talked with Elva last night and she so enjoyed her visit! She said your place is so beautiful :) I wouldn't have thought Q would be that busy right now..goes to show what I know...LOL.

  2. Thank you. We really enjoyed our visit,, the views from your property....meeting Jonathan...touring your awesome RV. May God's angels travel with you and watch over you!

  3. Nice to have time to visit with Friends.
    The most important thing to remember when moving any RV is take it slow. Don't let anyone rush you.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. Enjoyed our visit and seeing your new toy. Good luck on your trip.