Wednesday, February 17, 2021

I'm Still ALIVE!!! Yay!!!

I suppose that requires a little explanation.  I say a little thank you every morning that I wake up.  In THIS case however, I say it because I ate something I probably should NOT have.  

You see, I have a relative way up North in Montana.  One I never see or EVER talk to.  One day in December, I got an email that I would receive a package in the mail.   It was a little too late to tell them I was leaving for Tucson.

In the meantime, nothing showed up at my door until after I was gone.  My neighbor called to say she found a box on my doorstep.  Knowing what it was, I asked her to leave it on my back steps.  I should have told her to keep it for her family, but I really did not know what was inside.

Almost two months later, I found the box when I arrived and opened it.  There were lots of goodies in plastic wrapped packages.  Hmmmm I wonder if these are any good.  I took a bite of the chocolate covered pretzels.  It came out as fast as it went in.  Yucky and stale.

Then I found two bags of the biggest English muffins I've ever seen.  Gosh, it's been really cold outside, maybe they have survived their two month hibernation and will taste as fresh as just baked.  Let's try one!!

Not too bad, although the entire time I was eating it I was wondering if it had some unforeseen moldy thing going on that would kill me.

You're not going to believe this, but it was one of the best muffins I've ever eaten, although a tad bit stale.  Who in the world would have thought after that long they would be any good?  I did get a little scared of the possible results, so I didn't eat any more, but I'm for sure getting on the internet to see if I can find these.

In the meantime, the Insurance Adjuster hasn't shown up, nor do I expect him to before I leave this morning.  I enlarged the two pictures I have of the fence down, placed them in a zip lok bag and duck-taped them to the door he has to pass going into my back yard.  

The last I heard, he will return in between some of his other assignments.  I'm pretty sure he doesn't want to meet up with me, for obvious reasons.  I did find the two boards missing from the OTHER fence that he said I could repair for $35.00.  From the tracks around the corral, he didn't even get CLOSE to the correct fenceline.  I may be fighting this one for awhile.

My truck is now packed and ready to go.  You couldn't get another dog toy in there if you tried.  I'm just hoping there's enough room for my computer, me and the kids.

This time I found a hotel (assuming of course it's not a dump) in Indio where I will try to be more organized when it comes to the kids.  I talked the nice girl down to $99 for this one.  Woohoo!!

Now I remember EXACTLY why I had an RV to travel back and forth.  Hopefully this trip goes better than the last one.  Then, the hunt is ON for a small fifth wheel.

My guess is you will not hear from me tomorrow morning.  I'll be back Friday!!!


  1. Drive safe, glad you have new tires to travel on.

  2. Replies
    1. I tried Doug, but too long a drive makes for a tired girl. I don't now how you did it when you came down south this year.

  3. One time when you want a porch pirate.. and you can’t find one ?

    1. I hate to give you the bad news u didn’t talk her down your talk her up 79 86 88 $ All top rated

    2. You could cross that last one out I forgot about the menagerie

    3. Hahaha exactly. Then maybe THEY would have gotten sick!!