Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Aliens Have Landed!!

 I'm relatively sure there is some little alien living inside this puppy body.  Cooper is weird I tell you.  Early yesterday morning as I sat playing games on my phone, he walked around gathering up all his toys and parking them on the couch.  He's sleeping on two of them.  He just wants to make extra sure NO ONE touches his things.

It was again very ugly outside with the wind.  I went to the Jeep twice, actually backing out of the garage once.  It was just SO windy I could barely breathe.  Since getting smashed in the face with tether balls, basketballs and baseballs as a kid, my nose doesn't seem to work any more.

You know how that happens, right?  I was always looking the wrong direction.  In those days they took you to the office and plopped a box of Kleenex on your lap.  There was no doctor involved unless you weren't breathing any more.

One quick trip to the grocery store was all I could manage.  The good news is it involved Tillamook ice cream.  That DEFINITELY made the day better.

Just to show you how bad it was, this video is from my protected back yard patio.  That is a very heavy feeder with an obviously TOO heavy chain.  Apparently Gila woodpeckers are not bothered much by the wind.  He swung back and forth, drinking his fill for about 15 minutes before flying off.  He came back three times, so obviously I'm good at cooking SOMETHING!

Next up ... you HAVE to watch this show if you didn't catch the first one.  Aliens have landed on "Resident Alien".  It will be on Wednesday night on the SyFy channel.  Check the time slot because I'm not sure when it will start.  This is one of the weirdest, scariest, funniest shows I've seen.  I laughed out loud, then had to close my eyes a couple of times. 

In the first show he killed a Doctor, then got drunk.  I'm really not one to get hooked on TV shows, but now I HAVE to see what happens.

I just spent 30 minutes trying to upload the javelina video.  It just doesn't want to go, saying I need to select just ONE movie.  SO FRUSTRATING!  So while I figure it out, here's my coyote buddy again.

So weird how the blog is okay with a 25 second coyote video, but doesn't like the 25 second javelina.  At long last, here it is ..... BECAUSE ... if you look closely, you can see part of that white tusk at the back of his/her mouth.  I'm thinking this is a female who came in late from a night out on the town.  

She usually comes through around midnight, not 7:30 in the morning.  I think she's going to get yelled at!!

Today I actually AM going to get out of the house to register both the rig and my Jeep in Arizona.  Won't THAT be fun!!  Maybe I'll run into Prince Charming.  You know my motto, never say die!!  

On Wednesday I'm determined to hang out in Tombstone all day.  Maybe I'll run into Wyatt!


  1. Seriously, Prince Charming at the DMV? Well, maybe in AZ, but not in CA.

    1. Hahahaha you are SO right!! Definitely no Prince Charming at Ca DMV!!

  2. Good Luck at the ADT, that should be fun.
    Make certain you're armed when you go to Tombstone. They're always shooting people there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Love the woodpecker. He got a drink and a ride. I've seen the ads for Resident Alien. I might take a look but I don't like scary.

    1. It's a fascinating show with a bit of scary that is funny ... sort of!! I'm going to charge woodpeckers for a ride.

  4. I'll have to check out Resident Alien. That chain certainly should hold a humming bird. Maybe a eagle too. Too bad about the wind. None over here lately thank goodness. Good luck at the DMV. They certainly will take your money like an escort 😀

    1. That chain could hold a horse! It was the only one they had with links that the clip would fit through. I'm glad your wind has been minimal!!

  5. I hope you behaved when you finally got out today!! :)
    Sometimes we tend to want to let loose when we're 'free' again!