Saturday, February 6, 2021

A Little More Tombstone

As most everyone knows there's not much else I would rather do than spend time in Tombstone.  It could not have been a better day.  The weather was perfect, there were no crowds and lunch was it's usual fabulous self.  

To make it even better, the local quilt guild was having their annual show.  It's a good thing we went on this day or we would have missed it.  So here are just a few crooked pictures showing off their finery.  This is one of my favorite log cabin patterns.

I'm not sure how they get up there to hang these, but many were attached to the ceiling.  We had a great conversation with the ladies who of course were selling lottery tickets.  I've purchased many in the past, but alas, my black thumb good luck has never come forth.  

Here's one I can tell you without a doubt I will never make.  WAY too many tiny pieces for me.  Most are actually for sale at reasonable amounts if you are looking for something for yourself.

This was a very cute wall hanging with tiny sparkley threads sewn on by hand to make the spines and needles of the cactus.  

Having eaten our fill and checked out all the store and quilts, I took Cyndae up the hill to the linear garden.  You know why this is here, right?  His wife said he could not put all that JUNK in her front yard. Thus it is all stashed across the street in the Linear Garden.

I can't remember if this is new or not, but it's a BIG addition.  Take a book, leave a book.  It even contains a box of bookmarks if you need one to keep your place.

He has them categorized .. history, western, "different".  I'm not sure what that means, but I did get a kick out of the description.  Surprisingly it was quite full!!

He has also added a little trail, along with an invitation to sit a spell at three benches next to the wine bottle tree.  There are lots of new creations to check out, including about ten bottles, each painted a different bright rainbow color.  Maybe your husband would like to have a few feet of space to do the same!

Difficult to see at first, this is the latest addition to the garden.  It's at the bottom of the hill and is his FLOWER GARDEN.  I rather imagine it's just been planted and tiered for your viewing pleasure.  There's a temporary fence around it, I'm sure to keep people from walking on the seeds.  

I mean really, you have to hand it to the gentleman for trying to make it a nicer place to live, using nothing but junk he finds at the dump.  I rather imagine his wife may be just a tad bit mortified!!

Here is the view of Tombstone from the Linear Garden.  I never get tired of looking at this little town.

I told Cyndae about the donkeys, but we did not see them at first.  On the way down the hill, they appeared out of nowhere.  Cyndae is now indoctrinated about all things Tombstone.  She will be back, I'm sure of it.

In the meantime, here's my latest purchase.  This is the Navajo version of the Hopi Kachinas I like so much.  Meet Morning Singer.  Each one represents a Spirit.  This one said he wanted to come home with me, since one of my favorite things is to sit on the patio in the very early morning hours and listen to the desert birds sing.  

By the way, the really nice versions of these can cost your first born kid and more.  This is not one of those, but I like him nonetheless and he's perfect on my mantle.

And so the day in Tombstone came to an end with us eating most of the apple pie and ice cream.  No dinner, just the apple pie!!  

Next up a little ghost town hunting.  Where the heck is this place, anyway!!  We get chased off private property .... more than once ....  meet a VERY scary critter and run for our lives.  It's an adventure, right??


  1. You know I would love the Linear Garden! That little book box is adorable! We're not sure where this is exactly but we'll be sure to find out when next we are there. We love Tombstone too so thank you for sharing your day.
    That is a beautiful cacti quilt!

    1. I'll post a map so you know where to go. Bring a few books!!

  2. We both love Tombstone and their shops. Cute Cactus Quilt.
    Have to look for the gardden the next time we're there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Ghost Town.

    It's about time.

  3. Replies
    1. YES!!!! Maybe Bill could show me the ropes? I would love to try that!!

  4. What a beautiful day. I'm looking forward to your next adventure.

    1. It was perfect weather and great food. That's a good day for sure.

  5. Love the little dancing Indian spirit. May it bring you serenity. You did have a perfect day and I can't believe you found quilts. Your lucky day! Never been to that garden and the view of Tombstone is great. Glad Cyndae enjoyed the area and saw the burro.

    1. I'm posting a map Doug, so you know where to find it. I really think you would be intrigued.