Friday, June 14, 2019

Parts and Pieces

At long last I received this missing piece from Tiffin.  It fits on the bottom of the left hand rear view mirror arm.  It seems the U S Post Office had a natural disaster or severe weather and could not deliver it on time.  It was out for delivery in my town according to the tracking number, when that natural disaster hit.  Funny, it never hit MY house!!

Now for the interesting part ... how the heck do I get it to stay on?  I slid it into place and it promptly fell off.  I guess some silicon will be required.  Anyone have any other ideas??
While lounging around the house, I decided I might as well look into the RV cover I want to have installed in Tucson.  After a 45 minutes conversation with the first company, who read me the riot act when it came to the fill dirt I had brought in to make a parking spot big enough, I almost gave up.  

When he told me he looked my property up on his computer and that my parking area was 12 feet onto the neighbor's property, I was ready to call Uncle and hang up.  There are stakes there ... metal, (not wood which he said would be unacceptable) to show the property lines.  

I told him I wanted 16' x 40' by 14' tall.  "That tree will be in the way ... it will have to go!"  It just went on and on until I said I thought I would just give it up.  His tune changed a little to something like "maybe my boss can make it work".  Yeah right!  According to him, he WAS the boss until he retired and sold the business to the NEW boss, who he continues to work for.

When he got around to the price of things, I almost had a heart attack.  The grand total came to $14,000.  I was looking in the $6,000 range, maybe $8,000.  I'm currently looking at other companies, although surprisingly, there's not much to choose from.
Luckily the weather went from 106 down to 91.  What a difference!!  So lets try cooking something for dinner.  How about pork cutlets?  Here's how my mind works.  I'd love them to have a nice crispy crust with panko and parmesan cheese.  I'm skipping all bread, so how about just parmesan?

Since I'm not knowledgeable in the frying department, I figured the cheese would stick if I dipped it in egg.  Yes??   That would be a no!!  It kind of stuck to one, but the other two ended up sans cheese, it all being stuck to the pan.  I should have put them on the bbq instead.
So today I'm heading to the grocery store.  Maybe a nice can of tuna will be in my wheelhouse.  After all, salads ARE really good in hot weather.


  1. That rv cover would be wonderful but is kinda pricey.
    You pork chops do sound pretty tasty, but I do use the bread crumbs just because I can. ofd just grilled on the Weber Q.

    1. Bread crumbs would certainly have made them better!!

  2. I'd contact Tiffin and ask about how the cap is secured. Either it's defective or they will tell you to use Silicon.
    When someone tells you something you know is false like the size of your property it's time to find someone else. The Metal Surveyors post are what you go by not a wooden stake that someone might have moved.
    For a RV Cover that sounds a bit pricey unless it's a Solid Unit that can stand up to severe winds.
    You can do those chops on the grill and simply add the cheese near the end just like doing Cheeseburgers.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the cooler weather.

    It's about time.

    1. The RV cover is supposed to stand up to 115 mph winds, but the price is out of my budget. Adding the cheese at the end? GREAT idea!!

  3. Go on Google and looked up boxed eave RV carport After doing so click on image There's hundreds of pictures once you pick your style go from there most professional shed companies could build that style all it is is a glorified carport just a little wider and a little taller
    if you have one build in Florida you only need a regular shed permit if you put concrete down you need a building permit End it would probably change part of your insurance which will be more expensive And more hoops to jump through
    Get your longest warranty and wind load factor in writing
    If you're going to run electricity to your RV don't do it until after final inspection

    1. I've found several RV covers I like, but they are all made back East and require YOU build them. I've been looking for quite some time, so far with no luck. Nothing is cheap any more!!

  4. That would be a delightful shelter for your RV. Storing under cover is good. I can not believe they want $14,000 for that, doesn't that seem like a lot? How do they keep it safe from blowing away? Do the people that did your awning (the one on the side of the house) do this kind of thing?

    1. That was my first question of the awning people, and the answer was no, they do not install RV covers. I thought that was pricey myself, but it is anchored with concrete pillars three feet into the ground. Guess I'll keep looking.