Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Let The Celebrations Begin!!

The King, as well as several Knights have returned to the Kingdom.  There were cheers all around.  Now I know what they feel like when I'm gone for three months at a time!!

We were so short handed last week everyone was doing triple duty trying to keep the peasants at bay. Our meager crew of nine (including two cooks) had trouble fielding the problems of the night.

THIS time everything went much smoother with 19 .. count them ... 19 Knights in attendance.  The peasants are now allowed in at 4:00, but they must stay in the anti-chamber until everyone else arrives by chariot or horseback.  Although there's a mad dash for the best seat in the castle, at least there are no fights about letting someone in early.
It's so nice when they say they lost their playing cards (and want more free), to say NO EXTRA CARDS and send them crying to the King.  I say after every transaction ... hang on to your cards and red ticket.  Do not set them down and walk away, because they will magically disappear into thin air ... or someone else's pocket.  Yes, sadly it happens every single night.

Magic was in the air however!!  I rather like magic because sometimes crazy things happen that you cannot account to anything else.  I looked down at my feet to see this card laying on the floor.  I ignored it for awhile, thinking it was a throwaway pull tab.  

Suddenly it dawned on me.  It was a lottery card.  A fresh, brand new MAGIC lottery card ... UNSCRATCHED.  Finders keepers!!  I thought to have my find announced over the loudspeaker, but decided that would result in a rush of 118 people to my table to claim their lost ticket.

Instead, I kept quiet, thinking someone would come inquire about their lost $30,000.  By the end of the night, I completely forgot about it.  No one mentioned a thing.  The Castle Lawyer said if I found it, it's mine.  Okie dokie .... but I'm not scratching it off right away.  I'll wait and see if she hears anything next week.  Who knows, this just might pay for that RV cover.  Wouldn't THAT be magic!!
Which reminds me ... after measuring my space, Mr. Chance says it's not big enough for a 40 foot cover.  RATS!!  I may have to shorten it to 36.  Even that may not work.  I'm back to square one!!  I actually WAS thinking about downsizing.

The good news is I might get my new kitchen counters instead.  We shall see.

With barely five hours of sleep last night, I think I'll snooze on the couch for an extra hour or so before I start packing up in earnest.


  1. Good Luck on your Lottery find and packing.
    Be Safe and Enjoy a rest.

    It's about time.

  2. Nice that the magic Kingdom went smoothly and good luck with you lottery ticket, could very well be a winner.

  3. Tell Dan. His tape measure is wrong,,but to add three 🗻🗻🗻more truckloads Will make it right 🚌. 👌

    1. Simple Answer to the lottery ticket ,,,scratch it off,,,you win anything you keep it,,,if it's a loser be a nice Samaritan and give it back

    2. Hahaha ... I have no idea WHO dropped the ticket or I would have given it back.
      I could add more dirt, but now it would require a compaction machine and a test. That's pricey!!