Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Long Story Short

While Miss Jessie snoozed on the couch, Nancy went crazy yesterday trying to find her mail.  The first stop was the dentist's office.  What a lovely way to start the day.  No problems, just cleaning, but I'm dentist-phobic.

Next stop ... the Post Office where I explained my predicament.  The Supervisor heard my complaint and came to the counter, an unusual and refreshing change of pace for the Post Office.  He had no idea what was going on with the UPS store.  They were still picking up mail for their clients from the post office, so he rummaged through their basket and pulled three of my letters out.  One was a property tax bill.  Lucky me!!
I inquired about a large P.O. box and a change of address.  Unfortunately, there can be no forwarding of my mail because everything from the UPS store would be forwarded.  In layman's terms, that means I have to call each and every business or person I get mail from and report a change of address.  Do you have any idea how many that is???  So far I'm half way through and it took five hours.

After I picked myself up off the floor upon hearing the answer to my "how much for the box" question, I figured my only choice was to go ahead and set one up.  If I don't, all of my mail will continue to be taken to Never Neverland.  No, the post office will not deliver to my house because I don't have a mail box.  My neighbors killed it several months ago and I have no one to install another.

I could really have used a stiff drink, but instead I wrote out a check for box rental of $300 for one year.  Took your breath away, right????  In an attempt to come up with two pieces of I.D. for the box rental, I scrounged through my Jeep glove box looking for a registration that had my actual house address.  Found it ... expired ... but the nice lady overlooked that part.

Upon my return to the line, the lady behind the counter said ... that lady in line needs to talk to you!  It was one of the girls from the UPS store.  How lucky could I get??  She took my phone number and promised to call in the afternoon, if I could meet her.  YES!!!  And sure enough she called and I got my mail.  YAHOO!!  I did a happy dance!!

Back home, I was still working on my truck.  How weird was it when I walked outside and saw red lights coming from my garage.  Well for heavens sake ... the brake lights are on!!  I called Mark again and he stopped by in the afternoon.  We removed every single fuse and still they would not go off.  

On the brighter side, after pumping up the pressure thingy again .. Mark is much stronger than I .. the truck actually started!!  HALLELUJAH!!!!  Course the brakes lights are still on, so we left the charger on low so as to keep the batteries up because it can't go to the shop for repairs until Thursday.

This morning I'm off very early to drive to beautiful downtown Hanford ... sort of like Stockton, only much smaller.  It's the FMCA Indio Rally planning meeting and they want my input on the Ice Cream Social.  Speaking of ice cream, they do have the best place there ... like an old time soda fountain ... where three scoops of ice cream are equal to ONE.  I ordered one scoop previously and couldn't finish it.  Maybe another scoop will help cool my heels from the mail snafu!!

Thankful I'm back in the land of Instant Pot, I put mine to good use immediately.  This is butter chicken ... kind of an Australian version of chicken tikka masala.  Not my all time favorite, but it's much better than lean cuisine!!
The stories of the great address change will continue tomorrow!!  


  1. Congratulations on finally receiving you hiding mail.

  2. Nancy, with our PO Box I signed up initially in person, but all of our renewals have been via the Internet. Be sure to sign up so you can monitor your account, and have it automatically renew. --Dave

    1. I didn't know you could do that Dave ... I'll sign up today.

    2. I have it on auto pay too...but you have to keep your expiration date up to date when they give you a new credit card.