Friday, August 19, 2016

The Weird And The Wonderful!!

When I think of kites, I only think of Revolution kites, but there's SO much more.  Almost too much! I think I should have taken the chair with me yesterday.  Trekking through 6-8" deep sand carrying a huge backpack and heavy camera has been a little too much over the last four days.
It started out a little cloudy, but in spite of the hat and UV sleeves, I got pretty warm in the day's sun.  The big guys were up and flying, including Froggy and twice as many sleds as yesterday.
Alden Miller and his friend were flying along with many of the Revs and Prism sport kites.
Did you ever wonder how they can stay out there all day long and fly?  Here's the source of their entertainment.  A lot of flyers carry iPods with music.  This happens to be mine, and I can tell you, it makes all the difference when you're at the beach.
Here's one of the many interesting stationary kites.  Yes, it just hangs in the air, giving you time to play sandcastles or volleyball.
I loved this red, white and blue sled with it's tails twisting in the wind.  Although the anchors are far apart, I did see some tails caught up in other lines.
Early on there were lots of kites up, but as the winds slowed, they slowly descended to the sand with only the sleds able to stay in the air.
Three jet fighters were lined up ... imaginations go wild here!  There are planes, ducks, dragons ... you name it, they are flying it.
You can even have a kid fly your kite for you!  This is one of those little stuffed fabric dolls holding the kite string to the dragon.  As the dragon turns, the kids arm moves up and down.  
One of the day's competitions was the FACES fly.  If you had a kite with a face and could fly it for one hour, you would get a pin.  He who has the most pins wins even MORE pins.
Kites can be made of anything.  This one is bubble wrap ... that's right, bubble wrap cut and glued together and VOILA!  You have a kite!!
This one should have won the prize.  A little weird, made even worse by the fact that it would not fly. Just on a whim, someone said to add a tail.  He had nothing but a handkerchief in his pocket, so he tied that on to the bottom to make a stinky kleenex and it flew like a champ!!
Today begins the competitions for precision flying as well as ballet with music.  I'm not sure how long I will last on the field, but plan on camping out for a few hours to watch the performances.

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