Monday, August 22, 2016

Moving On Up and Down!!

Due to Jessie's emergency trip to the Vet, I moved into Thousand Trails Park in Seaview a day early.  That means they made me move OUT a day early, cutting short my Kite Festival time.  It was no problem finding an RV park, but it WAS a problem finding what I considered to be a safe one for me!

Here's a little foggy kite flying .....
But first, I launched a major attack on this huge spider I found lounging in my living room.  Once thoroughly smashed and stomped with a rug, I removed same to discover it was a piece of yarn from the black rug Jessie has been using to make her "nest" bed.  I hate spiders ... and black yarn fluff!!
On one of my geocaching trips, I discovered Anderson's RV Park and was pleasantly surprised.  MUCH closer to the beach, spaces wide enough, level gravel sites with all being 50 amp full hookups.  You have to pay for service however ... this park is $50 a night (including tax).  

I know, that's pretty pricey, but here's the thing.  I've stayed on the Oregon Coast for free the last four weeks and not spent a dime on fuel in two months.  They have a nice laundry room and restroom/showers, neither of which I will use, but I COULD.  I was lucky enough to get reservations for three weeks.  Don't do the math .... I don't want to know!!  I'm moving on UP the coast and DOWN to the beach!

I took my time in the morning since checkin wasn't until 1:00 ... but checkOUT at TT was 11:00.  I tried to drive slow the whole 4 miles.  Surely everyone will leave early and my spot will become vacant.  Here's another thing I like about this park ... I have a SPOT reserved.  I don't have to drive around trying to find a place with the hookups on the correct side.
Of course the guys in MY spot, didn't want to leave THEIR spot.  I finally got parked around noon.  Here's the absolute best part.  This is the trail from the park to the beach.  Its maybe 200 yards.  If the big earthquake hits, I'm a goner, but in the meantime, I'm going to enjoy every minute of my stay here.
Since Cooper and Jessie have only been to the ocean once, I decided to take Cooper for a walk.  Jessie will get to go when her leg heals a little more.  It was cold and drizzly all morning so the sand wasn't hot at all.  He went nuts!!  
He ran around and around at the end of the leash, just having a blast.  No, I won't EVER let him off the leash.  He's a runner, as demonstrated when he got out in Havasu City in 108 degree temperatures and disappeared for three hours.  Luckily I got him back, but he's on a short leash now.  Well not short, it's about 20 feet I think.
He would have run straight into the water if I let him, but that would have required a bath ... his least favorite activity.  Totally exhausted after ten minutes, we headed back to the park.
The winds weren't enough to fly my kites, so I just hung out with the puppies, watching the park fill up.  With 57 spaces at $50 a night ... this place is a money maker ... at least during the summer!!  If you have AT&T, cell service is not great ... connect using Anderson's free WiFi.  Verizon on the other hand, is 4-5 bars and my personal WiFi for my computer works great.  
My heartfelt thanks to one of my readers, Carol from Safari Park, who offered their extra parking spot, should I not find a place to stay.  There are many RV parks here, but most are very old with spaces VERY close together and questionable electricity.  I feel lucky to find this place.  

The other good part about Anderson's is the QUIET.  Only the sound of the waves on the beach.  There are no huge families here with twelve kids, 4 dogs, 3 tents and 6 bicycles laying around.  They also do not allow fishing boats, which means I have to be extra quiet when I take the dogs out at 5:30 am.

It's nice that life is back to normal ... I don't have a schedule to follow.


  1. Even so it is a bit pricey I think what you're saying is it,s run like a real campground park,,,,,,,wow imagine that

    1. Isn't that the truth!! I think they are more interesting in you having a nice stay than picking up an extra $50.

  2. Pretend you're either Mrs Louis or Mrs Clark and explor this

    I don't know if your jeep is four-wheel-drive but if you're acquisitive an adventurous. It really is an easy drive
    If you go back to Long Beach on the same road your kite fest was when the tide is going out (you'll have a six hour window)you have plenty of time
    Drive out on the hard pack portion of the beach turn left that south follow that all the way down until you get to beards hollow (the end ) you can't go any further its about 2 1/2 miles
    My truck was four-wheel-drive never used it,,, you could take an ordinary automobile on the hard pack sand and thay do it all the time
    (Look it up on Google map).
    lots of tide pools where you stand on the bluff and look down at the beach the sand you often say to your self what would it be like to be down there this is a case of where you could be down there looking up
    its real pretty down there take your camera and dogs and snacks for all make a picnic out of it ,,,, but try and pick the clearest day you can

    1. I see lots of trucks and cars out there, but even with 4-wheel drive, I'm pretty leery. If you get stuck, it's $200 for a tow!!

  3. Anderson's is a nice RV park with good access to the beach. Enjoy the quiet!

  4. thats about normal for a well kept rv park. enjoy.

    1. I guess I haven't been staying at well kept RV parks much!! I'm definitely going to enjoy every minute here!!